Summary: Dealing with Emojis


I Kings 19:1-10

1. The common contributors to depression

A. I am listening to the wrong voice - v. 2, cp. 17:2, 8; 18:1

B. I get my physical body out of tune - vs. 5, 8

C. I ago as far as I can in my own strength (flesh) - v. 8

D. I fall into the trap of physical isolation and irrational thinking - vs. 10, 14

2. The common thread of depression

*Saul - I Samuel 15:28, 16:14

*David - Psalm 43:2

*Jonah - Jonah 4:1

*Paul - II Corinthians 1:8-9

*Jesus - Matthew 26:28

*I am struggling to understand and accept the way of God for me

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