Summary: . What is at stake is our walk in faith and draw closer to God.


Colossians 2:1-7

by Cesar Delgado

Bulawan, Sorsogon

October 22, 2005


We lives in a dangerous times- now. It is predicted in the bible.

1. War and conflict in every side – Matt. 24:6

2. Encounter among leaders of nations – Luke14:31

3. Man becomes lovers of themselves – 2Tim.3:2

4. Man becomes lovers of money and pleasure – 2Tim.3:3-4

5. People will not endure sound doctrine – 2Tim. 4:3

However, one that is far more dangerous than the physical realm. Satan is waging war against us, brethren. What is at stake is our soul and eternal destiny. What is at stake is our walk in faith and draw closer to God.

However, there are a lot of Christians that are sleepwalking when they should be alert to the danger of the enemy.

Proposition: We should be strong and deeply rooted in our faith and walk in Christ, in whom all wisdom and knowledge are hidden in Him.

What is deep and stability in Christ?


1. The church cannot proceed to other essential matters until it stands united.

• Believers are to work at keeping the peace so that they can stay bond together in unity of God’s spirit. (1Cor. 1:10; 2Cor. 13:11)

2. That unity come only in love.

• The human heart aches for such strength in love.

• It is the cement that joins and keeps them together, and which edifies and builds them up, and whereby they increase with the increase of God. 1John 4:20

• When our hearts are united in love, then the hearts of every believer will be strong, encouraged, braced, assured, confident, and comforted. Ephesians 4



a. Do you like to hunt for treasure?

• Lost coins

• Lost valuable rings

• Hidden gold

Sometimes that fascinates us about hidden treasure.

Let’s not look somewhere for wisdom and knowledge.

The real treasure that we need is revealed in the Bible.

1. Of the mystery of God

• of calling the Gentiles into the Christian church (Eph. 1:9-10)

• Trough the Church the manifold wisdom of God might be made known to the principalities and powers in heavenly places (Eph.3:10)

• Here "the mystery of God", which he is both the author and subject of: it is by him as the efficient cause, ordained by him, and hid in him before the world was; and it is of him, as the subject matter of it; not as the God of nature and providence, which the works of both declare; but as the God of all grace, as God in Christ, which is the peculiar discovery of the Gospel.

2. Of Christ

• He being both the efficient cause and the subject matter of it.

• It treats of his deity and personality; of his offices, as Mediator, prophet, priest, and King; of his incarnation and redemption; of his grace, righteousness, sacrifice, and satisfaction; of justification by him, pardon through him, and acceptance in him.

The Father initiate and Christ implemented.

3. Of His treasures of wisdom and knowledge (v3)

• One reason to admire and trust Jesus above all other persons is that he knows more than anyone else. He knows all people thoroughly, their hearts and their thoughts. "He knew all men" (John 2:24).

• Jesus not only knows all people thoroughly as they were and are today, he also knows what people will think and do tomorrow. He knows all things that will come to pass. "Jesus, [knew] all the things that were coming upon Him" (John 18:4).

• Jesus do these things to reveal himself that He is the Son of God

• The greatest thing that can be said of Jesus’ knowledge is that he knows God perfectly. We know God partially and imperfectly. Jesus knows him like no other being knows him.

• Our knowledge of the Father depends wholly on Jesus’ gracious revelation; it is derivative and partial and imperfect.

True knowledge and wisdom about our God and of Christ protects us from heresy and false doctrine that will endanger our faith and walk in Christ (vv.4-5) We have to….


1. Receiving Christ is only the beginning; He continues His work in you

• All Christians have, in profession at least, received Jesus Christ the Lord, received him as Christ, the great prophet of the church, anointed by God to reveal his will; as Jesus the great high priest, and Saviour from sin and wrath, by the expiatory sacrifice of himself; and as Lord, or sovereign and king, whom we are to obey and be subject to.--Received him, consented to him, taken him for ours in every relation and every capacity, and for all the purposes and uses of them.

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