Summary: Sin causes us to do the unthinkable. Hell rejoices when we taste of the forbidden fruit because it knows we will pay for the results. Jesus came to give us life and forgiveness. Heaven rejoices when we taste of salvation because it knows that it has...

Desiring Forbidden Fruit

Matthew 15:10-20


I began thinking about Eve picking up that piece of forbidden fruit…

She knew that God had created the earth in 7 days.

She could even think about how God had

First Day – light (day from night)

Second Day – firmament

Third Day – divided sea from dry land and made vegetation

Fourth Day – sun, moon, and stars

Fifth Day – fish and fowl

Sixth Day – beast and man

Seventh Day – rest

Genesis 3:1-6


I. Everyone Has A Forbidden Fruit – Existence of the choice

A. The Innocence of the choice – It seems good

B. The Beauty of the choice – It looks good

C. The Power of the choice – It possesses potential

II. There Is An Exacting Enemy – Revealing of the choice

A. The Position of the enemy – His entrance – vs. 3:1a

B. The Politics of the enemy – His tactics – vs. 3:1b & 3:4, 3:5

C. The Purpose of the enemy – His vision – Isaiah 14:12-19

III. Stages Of The Demanding Decision – Making of the choice

A. Demanding on the flesh – We recognize it – vs. 3:6a

B. Demanding on the soul - We entertain it – vs. 3:6b

C. Demanding on the spirit – We receive it – vs. 3:6c

IV. Finally There Will Be A Reprobate Result - Paying for the choice

A. It will Defile your covering – Over us - vs. 3:7-10

B. It will Defile your relationship – Between us - vs. 3:24

C. It will Defile your heart – Within us - Matthew 15:18-20


Jesus told the Pharisees that the things that came from the inside of man was what defiled him.

Defile – Koinoo – to declare unclean or common

Mary was only 16. After all she had her whole life to live. As she stood there outside of the clinic she would never forget what she just did. Tears filled her eyes as she walked back to her car and looked into her own mothers eyes as she closed the door. I know mom said that it would be ok and that it was my choice. I am a woman and it is my body…I can do what I want with what belongs to me. Looking through the past now I can see that one bad decision caused another and then another until now I don’t know if I will ever feel forgiveness for what I have done. Where was my heart…how could I kill my own child. How could I feel her kick in my womb? How could I know that her little heart was beating and that each little finger and toe was formed and then end my own child’s life before she had a chance to say, “I love you mommy”. All because of one bad choice!

• Sin causes us to do the unthinkable

• Hell rejoices when we taste of the forbidden fruit because it knows we will pay for the results

• Jesus came to give us life and forgiveness

• Heaven rejoices when we taste of salvation because it knows that it has cashed in on what was paid for over 2000 years ago!

Why don’t you let heaven rejoice one more time this morning by giving your life to the Lord?

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