Summary: A journey of faith through Mark chapters 5 and 6. We want to look at the stroy of Christ living in and through men, as a result of the faith in their hearts.


Take a journey of faith through- Mark 5/6.

Stories that demonstrate the …

faith or unbelief of men, and the

power of God working through a man’s faith.

2Cor 4:6-10

We see in man the coming together of the natural and the eternal.

Col 1:27 God wanted his people throughout the world to know the glorious riches of this mystery—which is Christ living in you, giving you the hope of glory. GWT

We want to look at the story of Christ living in and through men, as a result of the faith in their hearts.

Issue of Blood

Mk 5:21-24 We will come back to Jairus

What motivated him to go to Jesus?

Desperation! Good/bad motive?

Is that the only way God is going to get us to come to Him.

Lk 13:14 Jesus heals- woman bent over- 18 years.

Synagogue official- indignant- Jesus healed- Sabbath.

Jairus, in his desperation, sets aside his prejudices, pride, and dignity as he fell at Jesus feet.

Mtt 11:28-30

We will come back to revisit his story.

Mk 5:25-28 Woman w/issue of blood

Tried doctors/exhausted every form of man’s wisdom-

the more she tried the worse she got

she was desperate

She was driven to Jesus by her circumstances…

do not need to wait for circumstances

He is always beckoning us to come to Him

Mk 5:28-29

She heard about Jesus- never saw Him.

What she heard about Jesus coupled with her desperation lead to a “thought.”

The doctors cannot help me, without help I might die, Jesus has the ability to help people.

That “thought” became the seed of faith in her heart.

Likewise we have heard about Jesus, never seen Him-

could we not believe like this woman?

Jn 20:24-29 Thomas- not seeing and believing

So often we want to see, then we will believe, when in fact it is faith that allows us to see spiritually.

2 Cor 5:7 for we walk by faith, not by sight —

Faith comes first, then we gain spiritual sight.

Comment on unanswered prayers of faith …

Heb 11:39 And all these, having gained approval through their faith, did not receive what was promised, NASU

We are so easily disappointed if we do not get what we think God should give us now.

They did not receive what was promised in their life time, but they continued to believe- and died for it.

We must allow God to give us an eternal perspective, not one bound to Him helping me in my situation.

Mk 5:29-34

She exercised her faith by …

pressing through resistance and

reaching out (ahead) to touch His garment,

her faith pulled on the anointing in Jesus.

Her faith was responsible for what she received.

The disciples allowed common sense to over rule faith

Also, they did not have the compassion Jesus had for people and did not realize the personal cost to give.

Jesus was sensitive to the spiritual needs of those around Him, the disciples were self-focused.

However, it is not always our faith alone.

Mk 2:1-12 paralytic man carried by four others

Whose faith did Jesus see- the four men …

we desperately need to exercise personal faith

and we desperately need one another.

Mk 5:35-36 Jairus’ story picked up

Exhortation from God- exercise faith, not sight.

Jesus expected Jairus to believe the impossible.

Mk 5:37-40

Why only Peter/James/John? He wanted men who …

could believe and

not constantly struggling against looking beyond what makes sense in the natural.

We live in an age governed by …

reason/what makes sense/need to understand

afraid to consider what offends our sensibilities.

Mk 5:41-42

Supernatural invaded the natural world through faith.


Ps 115:1 Not for our sake, GOD, no, not for our sake, but for your name’s sake, show your glory. Do it on account of your merciful love, do it on account of your faithful ways. MSG

God, show Yourself in us/through us as we walk in faith before you- to reveal your glory to the world.

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