Summary: Needing more of God

This evening beloved it is as clear as day as clear as crystal and as sure as the Holy Word of God that prayer is needed amongst many here, not just any type of prayer, not just the momentary prayer, not just the thank you Jesus kind of prayer. This evening I am talking about the earnest prayer, the type of prayer that is explained to us in our word when Jesus was in the garden praying to His heavenly Father with such earnestness and such fervency and such anticipation that His sweat was as blood drops, beloved we need that kind of a prayer life.

If I should neglect prayer but a single day, I should lose a great deal of the fire of faith.

Martin Luther

The central significance of prayer is not in the things that happen as results, but in the deepening intimacy and unhurried communion with God at His central throne of control in order to discover a "sense of God's need in order to call on God's help to meet that need".

Beloved without a prayer life within the Christian daily spiritual calories there is no survival in this Christian walk, without a prayer life there will never be a conformation, nor will there be a transformation or a molding upon your life by the hand of God, the Christian without a prayer life is just a voice Christianity but not a life of true Christianity.

We need not a prayer life that is dull and unbelieving but a prayer life that is full of faith, full of a hope in Jesus full of a confidence with the truth of knowing that we serve a mighty and awesome God, who can hear and see the heart of His praying people, beloved we need to pray knowing that whatever we pray for in the name of Jesus as it is His will it will come to pass. As a Christian I have a prayer life, I need to have a prayer life not only for me and my wife and our kids but also for you for the church. There is only one problem I need your help in prayer. I need us to understand this this evening as a church. We are an army of God, Amen! An army has ranks, Our commander and Chief we know is Jesus and from there we have the rest, let’s just say I am the war strategist I can only do but so much without soldiers that see the plan the commander has set out for His men to do. I cannot be the only one with a prayer life that has fervency, that has faith, I need your help.

Romans 15:30

30 Now I beg you, brethren, through the Lord Jesus Christ, and through the love of the Spirit, that you strive together with me in prayers to God for me,

Beloved prayer without fervor without faith without hope stakes nothing on the issue because it has nothing to stake. Prayer without faith comes with empty hands which are listless as well as empty, which have never learned a lesson of clinging to the cross.

Paul beloved possessed a fervent, hopeful and consistent spirit, see beloved his petitioning was all-consuming, centered immovably upon the object of his desire and the God who was able to meet it.

What do I mean by fervent, hopeful and faithful prayer, what are these attributes of prayer? This kind of prayer needs to be red hot on fire prayer, because coldness of spirit hinders prayer, church; prayer cannot live in a wintry atmosphere. A chilly surrounding will freeze out the petitioning and dry up the springs of supplication. Beloved this evening it takes fire to make prayers go, Warmth of soul creates an atmosphere favorable to prayer, because it is favorable to God. By flame prayer ascends to heaven, fire is not a fuss, heat beloved is intensity it is something that glows and is something that burns. God wants warmhearted servants with the fire of faith in prayer, a burning heart for the will of His own that will pray for the super natural to take place and the lost soul to be found in Him.

Beloved think of this this evening the Holy Spirit came by a fire, to dwell in us, beloved we are to be baptized with the Holy Spirit and with fire. If our faith doesn’t set us on fire it is because we have frozen hearts.

Beloved our bible tells us that we are to pray always, and in this heart of prayer we are not to grow faint. To be absorbed in God’s will, to be so greatly in earnest prayer about doing the will of God it should set our whole being in an uproar of flames as of fire, this shows the qualifying condition of a man or woman who would engage in effectual prayer, fervent and hopeful, faithful prayer.

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