Summary: It analysed the causes of delay in destiny and concluded by profering biblical ways out.


Deuteronomy 2:1-3

Destiny is a function of time. And it is the devils target. Satan does not attack you because of your past, he troubles you because of your future – that is his primary target!

 For most of the time, when Satan see that he cannot derail you in destiny, he delays you; for when you are delayed long enough, you are destroyed.


 Those 5 foolish virgins delayed the purchase of their oil. They bought what they should buy but at a wrong time. They delayed and the door was shut.

The door into destiny is close-able. Those five people were virgins, they waited for the bridegroom, they bought oil but they delayed and as such suffer destruction! You will NOT REGRET

 Delay is destructive therefore be warned. God knew this and when the strange forces of delay took hold of Lot, he sent down his angels to release him.(Genesis 19:15-16)

The angelic forces of God are here today to set you free! No delay will hold you captive any longer.

“Progress” is the plan of God, “Delay” is the strategy of the devil.

Deut 2:1-3

Friends, you have wandered too long, you have waited enough. What thou doest do quickly.

Turn! Turn!! Turn!!! It’s time for movement.

Stop talking, start moving

Stop sleeping, start running

Stop chasing the shadow; begin to pursue the real thing.

 Start that business now!

 Start that schooling now!

 Start learning that thing now!!

The word says “turn”. Until you turn, your situation can’t turn. Life is no joke – begin to move.

“Today is the day of salvation” Now is the accepted time for your progress.


Until we recognize the immediate cause of delay we cant proffer genuine solution.

1. Indecision Sos. 5:2-6

He didn’t make up his mind on time, he delayed and he missed his lover. You will not miss your joy!

 Don’t be double minded. Don’t doubt. Don’t harbour unbelief.

They didn’t enter their rests because of unbelief which gave birth to indecision.

2. Wrong use of the tongue Num. 14:27-33

The children of Israel murmured and God caught them. He thereafter delayed the whole nation for 40yrs.

What are you saying with your mouth? (Don’t say I can’t)

Start singing songs of praises, make mention of his great works and see him make a way for you!

Miriam spoke against Moses, and the whole nation stood still until she was restored and healed!

3. Closed Gate Josh. 6:1-2

God gave them the land but the enemies locked the gate.

Delay sometimes may be the handwork of the enemies.

But God can open any gate.

4. Curses

When a man is operating under a curse, he will ever remain a struggler until he is set free.

Setting you free is not the real thing, but the ability to retain the freedom!

 If a man who is not paying tithe and progress is prayed for, he is temporarily free. But to remain free he must begin to pay tithe!

 If a man under the curse of failure and backwardness imposed by wicked men is prayed for, he is free temporarily.

But to remain free he must not play with sin!

5. Fear of failure Num. 14

God wanted them to go but they feared the opposition and God said they will wander in the wilderness.

Failure is not new. It is a necessary step toward success.

If we don’t take the risk of failing we will not get the chance to succeed.

If you are fearing failure, you are dodging progress!

Now How do you escape delay ?

1. Righteousness

Joshua led the children of Israel to conquer Jericho, they were to move forward and take Ai but Achan stole an accursed thing. And the whole of Israel was defeated.

Sin causes delay, it’s righteousness that can deliver you. That delay may not necessarily be because of your household enemies or witches in the village.

It may be because of that sin you are hiding!

It is that hidden sin that is hiding your success. Lose yourself. Come out of it.

2. Divine Intervention

Pharaoh delayed Israel, until God said enough is enough. This will not continue any longer and with his hand he brought them out and took them in into destiny.

In Exodus chapter 4, Pharaoh was told “let my people go”,but he refused. He delayed them until chapter 12 when the yoke of delay was totally broken and they were free forever.

Today is the chapter 12, of your life, every spirit of Pharaoh is giving up!

Rev Sola Adetunji (

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