Summary: There are only two ways you can travel on the road of life and you can’t travel them both at the same time!


A) The Bible speaks here of two ways ... We refer to them as “roads, roads of life!”

* One road is called “neglect,” which leads to destruction! * Heb. 2:3 “How shall we escape ...”

* The other is called “the highway of holiness,” which leads to eternal life.

* Every person in this world is traveling on one of these roads!

* Neglect is a sure route to hell; the highway of holiness is a sure route to life eternal, heaven!

* Heb. 12:14 “Without holiness, no man shall see the Lord.”

B) You can’t travel these two roads at the same time! * I-85 and I-26 .......

* You’re either on your way to heaven or on your way to hell.

* Before I get into the two destinies, I want us to look at something in the Word of God.

* Mark 8:36-37 “For what ...” * The value of one soul is worth much more than all the world!

* However, maybe you can get some idea of the value of your soul by considering three certain

Bible facts .......

(1) THE SOUL IS ETERNAL! * Ecc. 12:5 “... because man goeth to his long home ...”

* When the body dies, the man goes to another world to be there a long, long time!

* Today, you may place a pistol to your temple and blow your brains out ... That will kill the body!

* But the one living inside you will go right on existing somewhere!

A) You may string yourself up by the neck, the body will die, but you will move to another world!

* You can’t get rid of yourself ... You couldn’t go out of existence if you wanted to!

* You are here whether you like it or not ... You will be on being whether you like it or not!

* You didn’t create yourself ... You can’t cease to be!

* You may not like it, but you are gonna be around forever!

B) Someone says, “Where were you 2000 years ago? * I wasn’t anywhere ... There was no “I.”

* This person, Bo Dunford, didn’t exist ... There was a time when I was not!

* When Jesus was born over 2000 years ago, I wasn’t! * When Columbus sailed the ocean blue, I

wasn’t! * When the revolutionary war was fought, I wasn’t!

* When they fought the civil war, I wasn’t ... When they fought WWI and WWII, I wasn’t

* But Feb. 4, 1958, I discovered America, and they will never do anything else when I’ll no be!

C) From now on, I’ll be hanging around whatever happens! * Forever ... Eternity is a long time!

* And if I must live forever, I want to live in a good world ... That world is heaven!

* When the moon has turned to blood ... Stars fallen from the skies ... And this earth has burned

to ashes, you’ll be somewhere!

* This makes your soul your only, most valuable possession ... Don’t lose it!

(2) HEAVEN IS REAL! * John 14:2-3 “Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God .......”

* Jesus gave this certain promise that heaven is a real place, and you may go there to be with Him!

* If Christ has prepared a place for you, he must consider you of great value!

A) This wonderful world may be yours 100 years from now ... 1000 years ... 10,000 years ...

* You do believe there is a heaven, don’t you? * I mean a real heaven, not an imaginary dream!

* It’s not a fantasy world with ghosts floating around in space, going nowhere and doing nothing!

* Some of these smart liberals say, “Heaven is not so much going somewhere, it is being

something. * Sometimes their logic overwhelms me!

B) How can a man be something without having somewhere to be!

* You can’t be something nowhere ... Where’s nowhere anyhow? * There’s no such place as

nowhere! * If you go to nowhere, you’d be somewhere!

* And if you’re anywhere, you’re somewhere ... Everywhere is somewhere, there is no nowhere!

* If I’m gonna be anything in eternity, I must go somewhere to be something .......

* And that somewhere is heaven ... It is a real place!

C) “How do you know there’s a heaven?” someone asks, “You’ve never been there!”

* There are many places I’ve never been! * I’ve never been to London, England ... Paris, France ...

* Rome, Italy ... Germany ... But I believe these places exist!

* “Yea, but somebody came back from there and told you.”

* I believe there’s a planet named Mars, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto.

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