Summary: Integrity is to live a transparent life in the presence of God.

Integrity = moral soundness, honesty, freedom from corrupting influence or motive

1. Make a choice

- Note the - “I will”will behave

v.1 "I will sing" - Attitude

v2. "I will behave" - Be, Being or Live

-.2 "I will walk" - - Action

- v.3 "I will set (regard) no wicked thing - Think

- v. 4 "I will not know a wicked person" - Relationship

2. Keep your word to others. - v.2

- The "I will’s" Act on your choice

- Determine to do

3. Acknowledge the Lord

- Judgment of sin — Cross

- Mercy — His redemtion-

This choice needs a focus v. 1- PRAISE

- Take time for God daily.

4. Choose your friends wisely.- v.3, 4b, 6

- We are influenced by what we input into our lives

- It’s not only WHO but also WHAT we take into our lives

5. Deal with the little things.

- Note each I will was based on little things

- v. 3 "A froward heart (crooked, distorted, perverse)

- A little out of kilter throws the whole project off it’s foundation) - - Little things grow into big things over time

- Resulting in a destroyed life

The measure of a man’s character is what he would do if he knew he never would be found

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