Summary: "Geo-Chronology" and 21 proofs for a "young earth". Powerpoint at website.

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The three questions that are most often asked of creationists:

(1) The question of THE AGE OF THE EARTH.

(2) The question of A GLOBAL FLOOD

(3) The question of DINOSAURS

• The Bible does speak to the age of the earth...and I believe the Bible testifies to a very young earth. (I intend to show you scientific support which verifies a young earth)

• The Bible does speak of a global flood and I want you to see how this impacts our thinking on geological ages.

• The Bible does speak about dinosaurs, and I want you understand the truth about all these dinosaur bones that we are constantly digging up, and some dino’s possibly still living!

Last time we looked at the “Old Earth” theories like the Gap Theory and the Day-Age Theory…Theistic Evolution. We don’t need to try to reconcile the Bible to modern thinking.


Let me show you the two primary witnesses to the age of the earth being a relatively young age...(I believe approximately 6,000 to 10,000 years old)

1. The witness of SCRIPTURE.

I believe the clear witness of scripture is to a very young universe.

You see, a young universe is no problem for our transcendent creator God...Because He also created time. And he created a fully mature universe, and because it was a fully mature universe at the very moment of creation, it had the appearance of age, even though it was only minutes old...

EX. Take the moment God created Adam for instance. Did God create a baby boy named Adam and then raise him to a man, or did God create a full grown, fully mature man? The answer is very obvious from scripture. God created a fully grown, fully mature man named Adam.

Now if you were a doctor and Adam came to you for a physical examination the day after he was created, you might have examined him and on his medical records you might have filled out his age as being 35-40 years of age. If you did not ask Adam, you would observe him to be old. But the truth of the matter is... He was only one day old. [cute little Addy-Waddy!]

The way we come to an estimate of the approximate age of the earth from the biblical text is by adding up the years involved in the generations of man, the descendants of Adam. The genealogy of Genesis is our record of the age of the earth and the age of mankind.

Witness of scripture…

2. The witness of the PHYSICAL UNIVERSE.

a. I just want to tell you that there is a ton of evidence pointing to the age of the earth being relatively young. In fact more evidence exists than I can even begin to present to you today. So my goal is to only give you enough to help you realize you have been lied to by the people who are telling you the world is billions and billions of years old.

b. The study of the age of the earth is called “GEOCHRONOLOGY” You need to know that there are approximately 80 different tests that are used to estimate the age of the earth...and FIVE TO ONE THEY DEMONSTRATE A VERY YOUNG EARTH!!! And those tests that indicate an older earth point to a world no more than 1 million years old at the very most. (Certainly not billions and billions of years.)

Let me give you several physical evidences that indicate very strongly the age of the earth is very young...

(1) Human POPULATION...

• In 1985, the population of the earth was approximately 5 billion people. Given what we know today about human reproduction and population growth it looks like everything began about 4,400 years ago, if we do the math backwards...that’s precisely the time of Noah’s flood according to the biblical record.

Just this week…

The UN released estimates that by 2050 the 6 billion on earth today would grow by 50% to about 9 billion! If fertility rates remained unchanged from the 2000 rate of 2.83, there would be 134 trillion people in 2300, impossible to sustain.

• If man had been here as long as Evolutionists say, reproducing even at the most conservative rate imaginable, using the most conservative population calculators, accounting for nearly every kind of war, famine or plague imaginable.... There would still be a huge...huge population on the earth. There would be about 100,000 people per square inch!! [somebody’s deodorant’s failing!...can’t be mine, I’m not wearing any!]

(2) The loss of MASS of our sun....

• The sun is a huge burning ball of energy. As the sun burns it loses mass... It is burning up, literally.

• We know the sun loses 5 million tons of mass every second...(It is shrinking)...Great weight loss program isn’t it!!

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