Summary: Evolution Series, part of Dates, Deluge and Dinosaurs. Proofs of the flood, including proofs from Dec. 26, ’04. Powerpoints/notes for entire series at website.

Devilution, Pt. 8—Dates, Deluge, and Dinosaurs

God’s Tsunami

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I. Dates…This was the 1st question, next…


• A second question often asked of the creationist is the question of a global flood.

Genesis 6 and 7 clearly record a global flood that God brought upon the earth as an act of judgment against men’s rebellion and sin.

• Time will not allow me to give you much detail here, but there are 3 or 4 things I want to say about the flood.

1. The Bible clearly describes a GLOBAL flood, not merely a LOCAL flood.

a. There are some today who want to compromise the scripture, and simply describe this as a local flood, covering only a very small region where Noah lived. [his “world”]

b. That clearly is not what the Bible is talking about. It describes a flood that covered all the high mountains under the heavens (Gen.7:18) And a flood that killed every thing that breaths through it nostrils [allergies?] on the earth, (Gen.7:22)

c. You clearly cannot make a local flood scenario fit the biblical text.

2. There is strong HISTORICAL evidence supporting the flood.

a. Do you know that archeologists have discovered 250 different flood legends from 250 different ancient cultures.

b. There are 33 primary ancient cultures that have been discovered:

• 33 of 33 have a flood tradition.

• 31 of 33 have a common tradition that the flood was globally destructive.

• 32 of 33 say man was somehow divinely saved in the flood.

• 30 of 33 say there was some kind of special provision made for the animals.

• 25 of 33 describe an ark or boat landing on top of a mountain.

• 29 of 33 describe a bird being sent from the boat to find land.

• 30 of 33 describe a colored arch as a symbol of divine favor.

NOTE: Isn’t it interesting that today the rainbow is used as the universal symbol of gay activism. How perverse we have become. We not only have sunken into moral debauchery, we actually flaunt it in God’s face, using the symbol of his holy covenant as a symbol for mankind’s sin.

• 31 of 33 say the first thing the people did when they landed on dry ground is to worship God...(I SHOULD THINK SO!!)

c. There are two laws or principles of historical analysis that I think we need to recognize at this point:

(1) It is commonly understood that if isolated people groups have the same tradition in their stories, this reflects a common ancestry.

(2)It is commonly understood that when widely separated people groups have the same tradition in their stories it must reflect some historical occurrence.

d. This is why I say there is strong HISTORICAL evidence supporting the event of a global flood as described in the Bible.

(Information above taken from tape series, Somebody’s Trying To Make A Monkey Out Of You)

3. There is strong GEOLOGICAL evidence supporting the flood.

a. Again, take a look at such geological evidences as the Grand Canyon. Scientist tell us it took billions and billions of years to form under the erosion effects of the Colorado River.

• But did you know that the top of the Grand Canyon is higher in elevation than where the Colorado River begins (above Granby, Colorado)? Hmmm...That means the Colorado River must have had to flow “UP-HILL” for several million years before it could erode away a ditch deep enough to allow it to start flowing down-hill.

• The fact is, the Grand Canyon could have literally been formed in a matter of days under the astronomical hydraulic pressure that had to accompany the run-off of a global flood.

b. Mount Ararat, 17,000 feet in the air has produced Marine Fossils.

c. In the Himalayas, 20,000 feet in the air, marine fossils have been discovered.

4. There is much FOSSIL evidence supporting the flood.

a. If a global flood occurred that literally drown every breathing creature on the planet, you would expect millions and millions of bodies of dead animals to be swept into various places by the tremendous run-off from a flood.

b. Therefore, you would expect the run-off to deposit tons of dead bodies in large graves, and therefore we should find fossil beds or graveyards full of all kinds of dead animals that were then rapidly covered with tons of mud.

• The Karoo Formation...A fossil bed that contains 8 hundred billion vertebrate skeletons.

• Love Bone Bed (Gainesville, Florida)....Is a fossil bed 120 feet long, and 60 feet wide, and 15 feet deep. 100 different species are buried there. They have found:

• sharks

• whales

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