Summary: Many of us have seen people who want everything life has to offer. They want it now! We live in a fast pace society with

- Part Three -


Text: Luke 16:10 thru 12


Many of us have seen people who want everything life has to offer. They want it now! We live in a fast pace society with an instantaneous lifestyle that says they must have everything now.

The prophesy from the Old Testament was from:

Daniel 12:4

“…many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall increase."

Our stern warning from the New Testament was from Paul in:

Eph 4:14-15

“…that we should no longer be children, tossed to and fro and carried about with every wind of doctrine,…may grow up in all things into Him.”

As we draw closer to the return of Christ, we will see more and more people with less and less patience. This way of life has invaded every area of society, including Christianity.

I have often seen this way of thinking with younger Christians.

Before coming here, I have met some who claim they want to serve the Lord in full time ministry. They want to go to the foreign mission field or become a dynamic evangelist, but they don’t think they need any formal training.

All of us need the Lord’s timing to season us for what He has for us. I don’t want to lag behind with what He has for me, but I sure don’t want to get in front of Him either.

Sometimes, there are those who do succeed and get what they want without the timing and blessings of God. As a result these people will often loose everything they have overnight.

This can happen suddenly and/or tragically. Let me explain.

I personally know of a very successful business man in California that worked very hard for his successes.

He was well known throughout the United States for the designs and the innovation that made him a very rich man.

I know for a fact that one of his creations was patented and placed in the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC.

This man had a son who he wanted to take over the company. The successful business man wanted to retire.

As with so many other successful businesses, the son (of this man) was never entrusted with smaller responsibilities.

The son had been pampered and given anything he wanted in life. This young man was not accustomed to the responsibility of success. He began to drink, do drugs and he eventually destroyed his father’s once successful company.

Approximately two years after the son took over the business, the family and the company had to file for bankruptcy.

The son did not have the character or the wisdom to handle the responsibility given to him.

This story of failure is an example of what can happen to any of us if we are not careful and responsible with the things of God.

If we are not accountable with the smaller things of God first, we can easily fail when trying to take on the larger responsibilities of the plan of God.

You may have things that you desire of the Lord in your life, and yet the Lord wants you to succeed at the smaller things He has already entrusted you with.

This is all part of the Divine Destiny for your life.

Jesus says that we are to learn how to deal honestly with the smaller things before He will give to us the larger blessings He has planned for you and I.

In verse 11 and 12, Jesus speaks of the “true riches” that will one day belong to you. You do not have those “true riches” at this moment, but the Lord has them in store for you.

God is waiting for the right moment when He knows you are capable of handling them without failing.

Your destiny is filled with the riches of the Lord’s blessings. They are yours for the asking when and if you become responsible enough for them.

Did you know that God has big plans for your destiny.

Beyond anything you can imagine. That is why it is important for to understand where you are right here and right now.

Do not become discouraged with where you are right now with what He has given you. You may think what you have is small and insignificant, but God knows better.

The things God has entrusted you with right now are important steps in the destiny He has planned for you.

The godly things in your life (right now) are key elements in what He has planned and ordained for you and your future.

What you do with what He has given you now will determine what He will be entrusting you with later.

I believe that the Lord is watching carefully to see what you do with what you have, before He moves you on to what you will have (in the next step of your destiny).

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