Summary: Will you really want what God gives you?

Did You Get What You Wanted; When You Got What You Asked For?

St. Matthew 14:1-12

Herodias un-named daughter had a once in a lifetime chance to have anything in the kingdom she wanted. She could have even had half of the kingdom itself, wealth, fame, honor literally anything. She like many young women asked her mother for guidance. Fueled by the hatred in Herodias this young lady asks for the head of the man of God.

Parents must be extremely careful about what they encourage children to do.

Parents must watch the attitude they take toward the man of God.

The request was made and granted. The man of God was slaughtered so that a vindictive adulteress could have her chance of revenge on the man who preached the truth to her.

A message of truth must be embraced in every aspect of our lives.

The truth must be held up in front of our youth even when it may cut us like a two edged sword.

The request had now been carried out by the executioner. The head of John Baptist was given to this young lady on a platter (charger). As the head with its dried blood and bulging unblinking eyes begins to decompose and putrefy; one has to wonder was what she got what she really wanted. The eyes that had bored into the very sin stricken soul of her mother no frozen in death, the mouth that had proclaimed the way of salvation now gaping in the agony of death, the ears that heard the executioner call now forever deaf. And this young lady is left alone with her prize.

Just as the love that Amnon had for his sister Tamar was turned into hate after he ravaged her; it was not what he really wanted. When God finally gives in and lets you have your own way in life it may very well not be what you really want. Will you be like Herodias daughter, Amnon, Baalam, Lot and the countless others who got what they asked for but it was far from what they really wanted?

We must accept the will of God and the way of God if we are to fully enjoy all that life can bring. To relinquish the rights of ownership to your heart into the hands of a loving savior is the only way to find the real peace and happiness that the soul of man longs for.

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