Summary: What does God want us to see as we walk through this world? Jesus teaches us about a vision of the Kingdom of God that makes a forever difference in our lives. Can you see it today? Come see.

Three men were laying stone and someone passing by asked them one by one, “What are you doing?” The first man didn’t even look up but said, “I’m laying stone!” The second man looked up and said, “I’m working to feed my family and pay my bills.” The third stone layer looked up and smiled and said, “I’m building a cathedral to the glory of God!”

Three men doing the same thing answering the same question but with three different perspectives… All three answer the same question, but each one saw in his heart something very different.

I need three volunteers. (Select one youth, one young adult and one older member). Would each of you come up here please? Look around you. What do you see? (Allow them each to answer in the mic). Thank-you! You may return to be seated now.

Turn to Luke 10:23-24 and listen carefully to Jesus and what he says here. Jesus told his disciples something here that we need to pay attention to and consider today as we look at chapter 10 of Luke.

23 And turning to the disciples, He said privately, "Blessed are the eyes which see the things you see,

24 for I say to you, that many prophets and kings wished to see the things which you see, and did not see them, and to hear the things which you hear, and did not hear them."

Just imagine Jesus here with a crowd around him and he calls the disciples close and says to them privately: Listen! Blessed are your eyes to see what you see! Blessed are your ears to hear what you hear! Many prophets and kings wanted to be in your shoes! They desired to see and hear what you see and hear, but… they didn’t!

Now think about this. Every Sunday we come together here. Every week we go through a similar pattern. We have Bible classes and then we all come to gather here, sitting in the same pew, in the same general place. We have announcements and opening prayer. We sing songs together. We share the Lord’s Supper together. We hear the scripture reading and prayer. We consider a message from the scripture and then we have an invitation for anyone who may want to become a Christian or for any Christian who desires to make confession or asks for prayer. We have a blessing. Finally, we sing a closing song and have a closing prayer. Then some of us leave to beat the church across the street to the restaurants and others hang out and visit.

Same ole, same ole… right???

Why are you here? What do you see in all this?

Perhaps some are here just to punch their clock for Christ so that they can say they’ve done their religious duty for the week.

Perhaps some are here hoping to get something for their family, some encouragement to stay faithful through the coming week, or looking for some spiritual food.

But some of you see something else. Some of your eyes catch a glimpse behind the veil of flesh and by faith you see the very presence of the Lord! You see him! You know he is here. You, by faith, worship him in Spirit and truth… that’s what you see because that’s why you came!

For you this is not just the “same ole, same ole.” In fact, when your eyes see what you see and you hear what you hear, there’s a joy that fills you. Sometimes it even overflows in tears. For you, this is not old at all, No! This is spiritual fellowship with Jesus Christ in the midst of we who are brothers and sisters made righteous, saved, through his blood. You know, don’t you, that the kingdom of God has come near!

Some people can come to church and if Jesus Christ himself were preaching, they would be bored and go away empty! Why? Because they would never see him and know who he is! Others realizing that Jesus is here rejoice in his presence and don’t want to leave.

What are you looking for here? Whatever it is, that’s probably what you will see. If you don’t see the Lord’s presence here with the eyes of faith, maybe it’s because you didn’t really come for that. You came here for something else, and you tend to get what you came for.

Listen to what Jesus tells these 72 disciples who he sends out. Look at the first 12 verses of Luke 10. (Read)

Did you get all that? Jesus gives these disciples several instructions about what to DO. But their message involves two very short statements: 1. A blessing of peace on the house of their host. 2. These words: “The Kingdom of God has come near you!”

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