Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Jesus showed the disciples that they must be servants.


A Opening Story

B John 13.1-5

1 Facts that need to brought out as I read . . .

a Passover (or eve of Passover)

aa Sunday: Palm Sunday

bb Monday: Cleansed the Temple

cc Tuesday: Arguing with religious leaders

dd Wednesday: Day of rest

ee Thursday: Lord’s Supper

dd 3 PM the next day, dies.

b His “hour” had come. The shadow of the cross could now be fully seen. Within hours He would be betrayed, tried 3 times, denied, beaten, & crucified.

c Jesus was in control of everything that was unfolding.

aa Jesus wasn’t the victim of a plot that caught Him off guard like a victim of a drive-by shooting. Wrong place, wrong time.

bb He was 100% aware of His authority, divine origin, and destiny. (Jesus knowing vs. 1,3)


C Prayer

I Foot washing has never been glamorous.

A In the ANE foot washing was not typically done as standard operating procedure in a Jewish household.

1 A Jewish servant would not have typically washed his master’s/boss’s feet. (Gentile servant more typical)

a John 1.27, John the Baptist said he wasn’t worthy to touch Jesus’ feet, little less baptize Him.

aa We know John the Baptist was being humble.

bb Washing someone’s feet was the lowliest kind of service required of any man.

b On the other hand, foot washing was something wives did for their husbands, children for their parents, disciples for their teachers.

c As a special mark of affection, a host or hostess might wash a guests feet but it was still not SOP.

2 Jesus and the 12 disciples were sitting in the Upper Room and the “hour” had come.

a Dr. Luke’s account of the Lord’s Supper tells us that as the disciples entered the Upper Room, they were arguing (Luke 22.24).

aa Apparently a recurring topic of discussion because Mark also records the same information (Mark 9.34).

bb John 20.21, Even Momma Zebbedee got involved. “I want my boys to start on your team.”

b Everyone of the disciples thought they were better than the next . . . spirit of competition was among them.

aa More special, spiritual, dedicated, gifted, etc.

bb And the truth of the matter was all of them had smelly, dirty feet and apparently some of thought their feet didn’t stink.

c Jesus had told them before “. . . the greatest among you shall be your servant . . .” (Matt. 23.11)

aa Apparently His words fell on deaf ears because they didn’t get it.

bb They would have been happy to wash Jesus’ feet, but the last thing any of them wanted to do was wash the feet of the guy next to him because it was an admission of inferiority.

B IL. At the house we keep our cold drinks in a refrigerator in the garage and going to one is all of 38 second job that apparently boys despise doing.

1 “You go get the drinks this time, I got them last time.” “Unh, unh, we ate at McDonald’s last night.”

a After about 3 minutes of lively & heated debate about the 38 second trip to the garage, Dad gets up out of his recliner to get the drinks.

b Never do I see them move so fast as when I begin to do something they should be doing.

aa (Motion has passed, Ol’man is acting on the motion, and Dave & Dan are now involved w/ damage control)

bb Dad, we were just playing. Do you want a sandwich with the cold drink we’re getting you.

2 As the disciples with smelly feet are arguing about who was the greatest, Jesus gets up. (Lays down his garments & takes up a towel: The humility of the cross was a reflection of the Upper Room.)

a vs. 3, “The Father had given all things into His hands”

aa What’s He do? He picks up the towel, basin, and starts washing feet.

bb Can you imagine the mood in the room when Jesus got out of His recliner?

b I bet supper that night felt as uncomfortable as some of ours are going to be this Thursday!

3 Jesus assumes the role of a servant and starts washing feet.

a Jesus said that He only does what He sees the Father doing (John 5.19) and I see no reason to believe foot washing is the exception.

b Luke 22.27, Jesus tells us that He is here to serve!

4 John’s account of the Lord’s Supper & the foot washing is an illustration of Phil. 2.4-7.

a Jesus did not exchange the from of God for the form of a servant.

b The form of God was revealed in the form of a servant.

aa We are seeing a declaration of the character of the Father.

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