Summary: We might become disappointed in our circumstances, but we can come to a plce where we trust God, even when we don't understand.

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All right now, Luke Chapter 7. Turn your Bibles, open your Bibles. I hope you’re bringing your Bible to church. Okay, if you don’t, don’t feel bad. But I’d like it if you brought your Bible so you could read along with me, you can make notes in your Bible where you can think about things, things that you want to talk about later. Luke Chapter 7. Here’s the title of the talk this morning: Disappointed in Jesus, Disappointed in Jesus. Now, I know that sounds like something that shouldn’t be said in church but I think it’s- if we were, if we’re going to be at church that we can talk about what’s going on in our lives. If we were all honest, there’s been many times in most of our lives where we’ve been disappointed in God. Disappointed in the way things turn out. I mean disappointed in- in what’s happening around us. Maybe some of you are walking through a- a season of disappointment right now just not really, not really agreeing with that God’s doing in your life.

Now I want you to think about this story today, John the Baptist, we’ve talked about him already in this- in this series in Luke. John the Baptist is in prison as we open up Luke Chapter 7. And he’s- he’s sitting in prison and John- John was kind of a big deal. John was the- the young prophet, John was a- John was the young prophet that everyone came out to see. John was the one that people literally would walk miles, walk many, many miles out into the wilderness. If you read the story of John the Baptist, he didn’t really preach in town. He was out in the wilderness and people would walk miles out there to see John the Baptist, to listen to John the Baptist to marvel at this young fiery prophet.

But John the Baptist got himself in trouble because Herod, the evil ruler of their province, Herod had married his brother’s wife and John the Baptist pointed out to Herod that he was a sinner, that he needed to repent, that his lifestyle was not pleasing the God. And so John the Baptist, because of his boldness in confronting this evil leader was thrown into prison by Herod himself. And I want you to think about this for a moment, can you imagine how awful his treatment was in prison. Can you imagine for a minute if Herod, Herod said “Go to prison.” Can you imagine Herod probably pulled the guards aside and said “Look, I want you to make sure that this guy gets special treatment.”

I mean, Herod was furious at this young man. Furious that he would point out some kind of sin. So John the Baptist was not just in prison. I believe John the Baptist was in the worst part of the prison getting the worst possible treatment, the worst possible food. He was in a cold, smelly, awful prison cell. Meanwhile, his cousin Jesus was all the buzz around town. He’s in prison, and Jesus is now the one getting all the big crowds. Jesus is the one now who everyone is talking about. And I believe that most people they- well they remember John the Baptist were not talking about John the Baptist the way that they once did.

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