Summary: What is the nature of the glory of God and how can you recognize it’s presence?

Aspects of Glory

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It must have been quite a sight. Elijah was watching the prophets of Baal as they were doing everything possible to induce their god to make an appearance. Emotional frenzies, cutting themselves with knives, feverish dancing... And nothing...

Except for a whole lot of spilled blood and spent emotions.

When it was all over, Elijah repaired and watered the altar, prepared a sacrifice and asked God to show up.

He did. Fire from heaven consumed the sacrifice and the people who had come to watch the spectacle were thrown to the ground.

Everything that the prophets of Baal had tried to induce their god to do happened, and so much more.

What was the difference? Many are asking today, "Where is the God of Elijah?" Maybe God is where He always has been.

This is an attempt to help find Him.

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