Summary: Becoming a leader is not a personal preference, but a natural part of the growth and maturity of the church.

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Text: I Peter 5:1 thru 7

This morning we spoke of Peter and just one of the mistakes he made as a disciple. With all of his mistakes, he still had a tremendous impact on other believers throughout history.

Can we ever forget his opportunity to be restored in John 21:15 thru 17.

“Simon, son of Jonah – do you love Me?”

Peter was given his birth name to reclaim what he had lost in his foolish behavior.

As a result of Jesus restoring Peter’s life, Peter became a humble fellow believer. Not a pompous man of position in the New Jerusalem Church.

Peter had been humbled by his failure, but was made into a church leader.

Well Pastor, what does that have to do with me? I’m not a church leader.

What is important here is for each of us to learn how to work willingly, and not by being coerced or made to feel obligated to do something.

The challenges Peter face in that day were much greater than most American Christians will face in a lifetime.

Peter discovered that helping new believers to grow is something that (the NIV) “God Wants”.

Becoming a leader is not a personal preference, but a natural part of the growth and maturity of the church.

What motivates someone to serve as a leader?

Vs. 2 – not to work “greedy for money”

You may think – I wouldn’t do that.

But perhaps you would want to serve the Lord for recognition of your spirituality.

For the prestige.

Vs. 3 – “Not lording it over those entrusted to you”

Self ambition and control over others has been a real problem for many Christians.

Vs. 3 – “being an example to the flock.”

Vs. 5 – “clothed in humility”

Perhaps Peter wrote this remembering the sad night that he made excuses with Jesus and refused to take the towel and wash Jesus’ feet.

Read I Timothy 4:12

Text: I Timothy 3:2 thru 7

Jesus was always sure to demonstrate great things to the disciples so they would one day become leaders of the church.

In Luke 10, you can read how Jesus had the disciples do things without His physically being there.

That is an important part of the ministry that goes on here.

We know that sometimes these opportunities will be a great success, while sometimes they won’t. The stories of Jesus are filled with trials and errors of the disciples.

There are a few things I want to share with you that will help you grow from being a disciple and becoming a leader in this church.


Interesting how those two words are so similar. Disciples = Discipline.

We should know that before we can conquer Cayuga, we will first have to conquer our SELF.

You have seen or heard of people dropping out of ministry. Good people whom you thought had it all together.

They seemed to have the gifting/talent to operate in the Holy Spirit and get things done. How did they fail?

The number one reason why great ministry (or ministers) fail is due to a lack of discipline. They can become lazy, disorganized, or (especially) complacent.

A disciple who is becoming a leader will work hard while others will not.

Will study while others daydream.

Will pray while others will watch a movie and stay up late.

You still want to hear this?

One other area of failure in being disciplined is when someone thinks they should always give and yet never receive from anyone else. They will not allow others with their gifts and talents to speak or give into their lives.


Great men and women of the Bible most always had vision. Moses “endured as seeing Him Who is invisible.” How many times God told Moses to do something without the use of the “burning bush”?

Elijah’s servant saw the enemy closing in them from every direction and believed all was lost. But Elijah saw the “hosts of heaven”.

What are you looking for?

The Pharisees looked at Peter and saw an uneducated fisherman. Jesus looked at Peter and saw a prophet, a preacher, a saint, and an effective leader who would turn the whole world upside down.

To have vision, you must experience optimism and hope from the Lord.

The pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity they are faced with.

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