Summary: Discipleship is the key to our church’s future. Why? In this lesson, we examine the fourth and final reason in this series.

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The Key to Our Church’s Future

2 Timothy

Part 4 – Discipleship: Providing Life-changing Relationships

Discipleship is the key to our church’s future. Why?

First, because discipleship is God’s way of passing our faith along

Second, because discipleship is God’s way of growing new Christians

Third, because discipleship is God’s way of distributing the work of the ministry

Fourth, because discipleship is God’s way of providing accountability to the believer

1. Because of the discipleship relationship of Paul and Timothy, Timothy was a spiritual son to Paul. 1:2, 2:1

2. This provided young Timothy with much-needed accountability. Notice some of the areas:

• His spiritual gifts – 1:6

• His personal Bible study – 2:15

• His personal purity – 2:22

• His ministry for the Lord – 4:1

3. Timothy’s accountability to Paul produced growth in his life.

4. You cannot make disciples without accountability. To try to do so is like trying to raise children without discipline or without parents… to run a business without leaders and supervisors… to run a school without teachers… to lead an army without authority… to have a team without a coach.

• It will not work in the spiritual realm either.

5. What exactly is accountability? It is submitting yourself to the spiritual authority of another person for the purpose of spiritual growth and development in your life.

6. This idea of accountability is not popular today. Very few people want to be told they are accountable and will be held responsible for their own attitudes and actions.

• People will accept it at work because there is remuneration for the job that is done. They love the paycheck at the end of the week.

• But outside of the workplace, people don’t want to be held accountable or responsible for anything. Yet we desperately need it.

7. But Jesus practiced the principle of accountability with His disciples.

• Jesus trained them, equipped them, sent them out, and had them report back.

• Why did He do this? He knew this would motivate them to accomplish all of God’s will. Jesus used accountability (not to instill fear in His followers), but as a catalyst to bring growth and fruit in the lives of His disciples.

8. Did you know the Bible teaches that you need spiritual accountability in your life? Hebrews 13:17; 1 Thessalonians 5:12-14; Ephesians 5:21 (“submitting” – to arrange under or to obey)

• Accountability is like train tracks. The tracks are there so the train doesn’t get off course. God desires for us to have mentoring relationships in our lives to provide us with loving direction (like those train tracks).

• If not, we can easily get off track, and our lives can end up like a train wreck.

9. God did not make you to be a solitary individual. We are called to be a community of people – submitting to one another, teaching one another, fellowshiping with one another, and exhorting one another.

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