Summary: A true disciple is constantly and contently in the process of maturity.

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A true disciple is constantly and contently in the process of maturity.

I. FAITH COMES FROM HEARING THE WORD OF GOD, 19; “disciple all nations”, Romans 10:17

A. Love the preachers of God’s Word

Most people shoo away the preachers of God’s Word. They dislike them. They insult them. They hate them. Jesus’ knew that, in fact he said, “There is no prophet that is welcome in his own town.” But if you want to have faith in the Lord, you must love or accept the authority of the preachers of the Word of God.

B. Be open to what it says

Some others welcome the Word of God by welcoming the preacher sent by God but they are not open to what it says. King Ahab and Jezebel are people like them. They accept and welcome Elijah as a prophet from God but they would not listen to what he is saying to them.

By the way the recipients of our message must also understand that they to be born-again (John 3:3). That is their duty in the great commission they need to become disciples.

II. FAITH GROWS THROUGH MEDITATING THE WORD OF GOD, 20; “whatever I commanded you”, 1 Peter 2:2

“As newborn babes desire the pure soul-nourishing milk, that you may grow by it.” (1 Peter 2:2)

A. Love to listen to God’s Word

God does not want passive listeners. Some people say, “What happened to him? From childhood he has been going to church, Bible Studies, and listening to God’s Word, why he end up like that?

B. Hunger and thirst for the Word of God

And when you’re not listening the Word of God, not in any session where the Word is being preached or studied, a true disciple wants to listen to it. He can’t wait to hear them being preached or talk about. He desires them like a food, his favorite dish.


Whenever the Christians gather together they will talk about the Word of God, listen to a preaching of God’s Word and or studying the Word of God (i.e., Worship Services, Fellowships, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Dedications, Outings, Burials, Interments and others). There is always about God and his purpose in all activities that we will have.

III. FAITH SHOWS BY APPLYING THE WORD OF GOD, 20; “observe all things”, Philippians 4:12

A. Look for applications

Have you had that experience that after you were given instructions you run right away to do what you were told? Like for example, when you are in a “parlor game” in a party and wanted very much to win. You know exactly what to do or where to go, because while the instructions are being given you were already thinking and analyzing what to do next. That is exactly what God wants us to do with His words. We have to look for applications. That is the proper meditation of His word being preached to us.

B. Never get tired of living by the Word of God

No one takes a break in applying the word of God until we all reached heaven. The Great Commission says, “into all the world” and “until the end of time”. Therefore, a true disciple is always applying the Word of God will all his strength, with all his life and with his entire mind.

CONCLUSION (Based fromKeathley IV, Hampton. Discipleship Overview,, September 17, 2002.)

The Process Of Maturity teaches us the following qualities of a true disciple ; The Supreme love for God (Matthew 10:37-40), Study and Devotion to God’s Word (John 8:31), Denial of Self—God-ward and man-ward aspects (Mark 8:34), and Reflection of Christ love toward others (Matthew 22:39).

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