Summary: It is challenging for the Christian to see God’s hand in the everyday events of life and to discern God’s will, but there are steps that we can take to help us understand God’s will.

Psalm 139:1-16 “Discover God’s Plan for Your Life”


Discovering God in the middle of life’s trials, or perilous times, is difficult. These are often times when God appears to be distant, inattentive and silent. Though our senses are wrong and none of these adjectives accurately explain God’s activity in our lives, our pain and flood of emotions, blinds us from the reality of God’s presence, care and power. To release our fears and anger, and rest in God is both a work of extreme faith and extreme grace.

It can be equally as difficult discovering God in the everyday rhythm and routine of life. Seeing God in hurried breakfasts, traffic jams, business meetings, and occasional interactions with family and friends takes both a desire and eyes of faith. We catch ourselves wondering if the random acts of life are happenstance or a part of a greater divine plan. We question whether or not we will ever discover God’s plan for us in the midst of our lives.


Discovering God’s plan for us first takes a change in our perspective on life. We usually begin our journey in life trying to decide what we want to do. We have goals set for us, or we set goals for ourselves and then spend a lifetime achieving those goals. Our efforts set us on a path to what we hope will be a satisfying career, affluence, a fulfilling family life, travel, adventure, or a host of other desires. Rarely is God brought into the equation because we see God as somewhat removed from life—a God whose influence on our lives is limited to Sunday morning.

The writer of Psalm 139 had a very different perspective of God and of life. He saw that God was intimately involved in his life.

· God was in his daily routines—getting up and lying down.

· God knew him so well—God knew his thoughts and words.

· Nothing could separate the psalmist from God’s presence and love.

God moves in the psalmist’s life and in our lives in a loving manner. God’s love for us is expressed in the provision of our daily needs. God’s love is shown in God’s protection and God’s shielding us from anything that would separate us from God. God intends good for us and not evil.

If we want to discover God’s purpose for our lives, we first start by seeing God all around us. As one poet has written, "Open your eyes and the whole world is full of God," J. Bohme.


The psalmist continues his reflections on God’s movement in his life, and focuses on his birth. He sees God’s hand in his birth. God created his inmost being and knitted him together in his mother’s womb. The psalmist understood that he was more than an accident or mere happenstance. He was purposely and uniquely created.

The psalmist saw himself as part of a plan that was bigger than himself. The plan surpassed his self-determined goals and his self-centered desires. He was a part of God’s plan.

In order for us to discover God’s plan for our lives, it is vital that we see ourselves as unique individuals who are part of God’s body, the Church, and who are set apart for a specific ministry. Once we understand this truth, then we can begin to ask God what that ministry is and what God’s plan for our lives might be.


When we talk about destiny, we are not saying that God controls all of our lives as if we are puppets on a string. God has not only created us with a destiny, but God has also created us with a free will. We are free to exercise that will in rebellion or in acceptance. Destiny refers to God’s preferred future for our lives.

To discover God’s plan for our lives we first need to adopt a new perspective on life.

The next step to discovering God’s plan for our lives is to ask the question, “What would God have us to do?” It is important for us to allow God to be a part of our decision making.

The third step is to wait for an answer. God does not want to keep God’s plan for our lives a secret from us. God waits for us to ask so that God can reveal his plan for us.

· God’s plan is revealed to us in our heart.

· God’s plan is sometimes revealed to us through the words and counsel of others.

· God’s will is revealed to us through open and closed doors.

· God’s will is revealed to us over time. We walk by faith one step at a time. At times we can only see one step in front of us.

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