Summary: This message focuses on the birth of Isaac as well as the casting out of Ishmael and Hagar and God's sovereignty and protection displayed which reveals the coming redemption of Christ.

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Discovering Genesis, Part 16 (The Tale of Two Families, Part 2)

Genesis 21:1-21

Introduction (Summary of Part 1)

- Last time, we saw the response of Abram to God in a two-part phase

- (v6) The Bible tells us 1) Abram believed then, 2) God credited righteousness

- It is something that we have to see: God is already all there ever needs to be

- Abram had to come to the realization of this and THEN God rewarded Him

- This is better than any soap opera that could be written today

- It is a tale of how the split of what is now:

-- 1) Judaism (which produced Judeo Christians)

-- 2) Islam

- I want to state for the record that Islam in itself is not something to be hated

- It is a cult-like following which is misunderstood at best; demonic at worst

- However, I say this with all sincerity so you know where I stand

- It is NOT the place of a believer to cast out those of the Islam faith

- It is NOT our role in life to speak out and to outcast those involved in this faith

- However, it is our place to understand that this religion is NOT of God

- It was born out of sin; and its eternal destination is hell; and thus they need Jesus

- It really is this honest: If we aren’t ready to show those in this faith Christ

- The conclusion is simple: We aren’t really saved nor are we Christ followers

- This is true life, rubber meeting the road of Christian faith

- What we saw last time in this study was three things (Genesis 16)

-- Sarai gives Hagar to Abram (1-3)

-- Hagar's misbehavior to Sarai (4-6)

-- The Angel commands Hagar; the promise to her birth of Ishmael (7-16)

- Go with me to Genesis, Chapter 21

- Read Genesis 21:1-21

- Pray

Point 1 - Birth of Isaac, Sarah's joy (1-8)

- Very few Old Testament characters had the expectations like Isaac did

- He was in this a type of Christ, that Seed which the holy God so long promised

- He was born according to the promise, at the set time of which God had spoken

- God's promised mercies will certainly come at the time which He sets

- Isaac means "laughter"; and there was good reason for the name, Gen 18:13

- When Sarah received the promise, she laughed with distrust and doubt

- But when questioned; she denied laughing and said she didn’t

- When God gives us the mercies we need, we must remember with sorrow and shame our sinful distrust of his power and promise

- It is then that we realize the mercy we don’t deserve is what God gives us

- Mercy is unmerited grace; grace that is undeserved; which God alone brings

- This mercy filled Sarah with joy and wonder

- God' gifts to us surpasses what we could ever think we deserve

-- Who would have said that God should send his Son to die for us?

-- Could we ever imagine God’s Spirit given to make us holy?

-- How about considering the righteousness He bestows upon you and I?

- Sarah has now just begun to realize God’s promise through the birth of Isaac

- TRANS: God’s promises far outweigh anything we could ever imagine

Point 2 - Ishmael mocks Isaac (9-13)

- We need to be aware at how this family shows us how to not rest on our laurels

- We can’t take all the credit for what God does; nor should we ever (ref Joseph)

- Ishmael's conduct was persecution, being done in profane contempt

- Ismael had a REAL problem with Isaac’s promise; HE was the 1st born!!

- And so, his response to Isaac was one of complete contempt; malice; anger

- APP: God takes notice of what children say/do in even in the midst of playing

- This too should speak greatly to us; that God is paying attention to what we do

- Mocking is a great sin, and very provoking to God; it shows him our hearts

- However, for the believer there will always be mocking; LOOK at the promise

-- A perfect example of the worldly mocking is our promise: Revelation 21:15-21

-- How does this world view the believer’s hope? Contempt; malice; anger!

- Abraham was grieved that Ishmael mocked his son; and Sarah’s recommendation

- But God showed him that Isaac must be the father of the promised Seed

- The covenant seed of Abraham must be a people by themselves

- Not mingled with those who were out of covenant (APP: Hagar was not his wife)

Point 3 - Hagar and Ishmael are cast out (14-21)

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