Summary: It is the responisbility of mature Christians to help growing Christians in their spiritual growth. This message identifies that need.


Galatians 6:1

INTRO: This scripture speaks of a Child of God being overtaken in a fault. The Greek word for “overtaken” carries the idea of being surprised by the fault itself. The Christian was hurried into sin. He sinned before he knew it. It was not a deliberate sin. That person needs to be restored. For example, Simon Peter— had no intention of denying Jesus Christ.

It is our job as Christians to restore the one who has been overtaken in a fault.


A. Restore comes from a Greek word that means: to reconcile fractions, to set broken bones, to set a dislocation, to mend nets, to equip or prepare.

1. The Christian is a member of the Body of Christ.

a. Christ is the Head.

b. We are the rest of the body.

2. When a member becomes dislocated it needs to be restored.

B. Sin in our life dislocates us.

1. A dislocated arm is not in a correct relationship to the body.

2. A Christian with sin in his life is dislocated from the body.

C. Dislocation causes pain.

1. A dislocated joint causes pain.

2. A dislocated Christian does also.

3. Peter’s denial of Christ caused considerable pain.

D. Dislocation is a hindrance

1. A dislocated arm is a hindrance.

2. So is a dislocated Christian.


A. Resetting a broken bone.

1. This is a delicate piece of work that requires much patience.

2. Only a doctor should do this.

3. There is a gentle way and a rough way.

B. The Christian worker must be spiritual to do this work.

1. He must be gentle, tactful, loving, and kind.

2. He must never condemn, but lead the fallen away from his sin back to the place of service.

C. The Worker must be careful, lest he be led into temptation himself.

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