Summary: God is calling you to a new level of intimacy. If you dare to answer His call, the Lord will reveal a Fresh part of His Character to you. He will pull you so close that you will be breathing the rarefied air of Heaven. The place David Call “SECRET PLACE”.


The Burial of a man’s glory is the birth of God’s Glory:

We have lost the art of adoring the Lord. Our worship gets so cluttered with endless strings of shallow and insincere words that we do most of the time to take up space or put in prayer time with passionless monologue that even God must ignore.

Some of us come to Him clinging to such heavy burdens that we are too frustrated and distracted to see the Lord.

Too often we come to Him at the end of our day and worship Him with pre-manufactured mechanics and memorized words, then since we are totally absorbed with our needs/want and our temporally problems of each day, we lay back in His Presence just long enough to say our scripted words and we deliver our wish-list.

Then we jump up and continue our frustrated rat-race life.

Want He wants us to do is just look at Him, Yes, we can tell Him what we feel, We need to tell Him, But He is really wanting to receive our most INTIMATE WORSHIP AND ADORATION, the kind that transcends mere words or outward actions.

He said to us this year, that, He has set before you and I, an open door, but you will have to face Him, you can’t back your way into the door eternity, you have to walk into it.

It is dangerous for us to be led by our “NUMBER- CRUNCHING INTERLECT” because we can over analyze the cause and purposes of God, which will make us, be like the PHARISEES, SEDDUSEES and the SCRIBES of Jesus’ days, who miss their day of visitation.

Luke. 19:41-44 says…41And as He approached, He saw the city, and He wept [[i]audibly] over it, 42Exclaiming, Would that you had known personally, even at least in this your day, the things that make for peace (for] freedom from all the distresses that are experienced as the result of sin and upon which your peace—your] security, safety, prosperity, and happiness--depends)! But now they are hidden from your eyes. 43For a time is coming upon you when your enemies will throw up a [l]bank [with pointed stakes] about you and surround you and shut you in on every side. 44And they will dash you down to the ground, you [Jerusalem] and your children within you; and they will not leave in you one stone upon another, [all] because you did not come progressively to recognize and know and understand [from observation and experience] the time of your visitation [that is, when God was visiting you, the time in which God showed Himself gracious toward you and offered you salvation through Christ].

I come to you and you didn’t know. You knew the word, but you didn’t know me.

John 1.11 says…11He came to that which belonged to Him [to His own--His domain, creation, things, world], and they who were His own did not receive Him and did not welcome Him.

He came to His own, His Own received Him not.

Paul said in 2 Tim 1.12B. Before he was converted to Christ, he understood the law, but after he was converted, he said, and I quote, “I KNOW WHO I HAVE BELIEVE.” It is one thing to know about Him, it’s quite profound to know Him.

God is calling you to a new level of intimacy. If you dare to answer His call, the Lord will reveal a Fresh part of His Character to you. He will pull you so close that you will be breathing the rarefied air of Heaven. The place David Call “SECRET PLACE”.

God is saying to us, I have set before you an open door, Rev 3.7. This is one of those seasons when God seems to be throwing open the Door of Heaven and saying Come In to a new place of Intimacy and Communion with me.

You don’t need to worry about the blessing, if you sit in the lap of the Blesser. Just tell Him that you love Him and every Blessing you ever imagined will come after you.




You see, something is happening in the church of God today, it has nothing the hype and manipulations of Man.

Aren’t you sick and tired of all that.

Aren’t you hungry for an encounter with God that is not contaminated by the vain promotions and manipulations of fleshly leaders?

Don’t you long to have God, just introduce Himself to you, You are not alone.

Turn with me to Luke 7.36-50… OPEN.

You only a few spiritual inches away from the encounter of a lifetime.

If you want to see the face of God, just follow Mary to the feet of Jesus, pull your alabaster box of precious sacrificial praise and worship Him. You’ve been holding your treasure back for too long, but is One who is worthy of it all, don’t hold anything back.

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