Summary: Here we see three actions that take place in and around this illegal court. Which one best describes you? Which crowd are you in?

Mark 14:43-65


INTRO: (Explain vss.51-52-This is from Mark’s perspective) Now read text……..

Here are some things not to say to a police officer: "Sorry, officer, I didn’t realize my radar detector wasn’t plugged in." "Aren’t you the guy from the Village People?" "Hey, you must’ve been doing 125 mph to keep up with me. Good job!" "Are you Andy or Barney?" "Do you know why you pulled me over? OK, just so one of us does." And finally, when the officer says, "Gee son, your eyes look red; have you been drinking?" You probably shouldn’t respond with, "Gee officer, your eyes look glazed; have you been eating doughnuts?" These are not very wise statements to make when you’re pulled over. They will definitely make your traffic stop and day in court very unpleasant. In today’s text, what Jesus said and that which He didn’t speak made His courtroom appearance very unpleasant. And as we go into this illegal courtroom, I want you to see 3 actions that really standout--three crowds with different actions. Which crowd are you in?

1. DISCIPLES DEPARTING vss.43-50 (carnal crowd)

They all forsook Him-vs.50. Why? Why do we depart? Why do people quit church? Why do

people quit the ministry? 2 Reasons:


We are spiritually blind. We cannot see that we are in a spiritual war. Peter was spiritually

blinded. He couldn’t see that he was in a spiritual war. He’s using carnal weapons to fight

a spiritual war-vs.47 (cp.John 18:10). Peter used the wrong weapon, at the wrong time, for

the wrong purpose. Had Jesus not healed Malchus’ ear, Peter would’ve been arrested; and

there might have been 4 crosses on Calvary. This is our problem as well. We can’t see that

we are in a spiritual war. When it comes to spiritual warfare, the average Christian falls

into two extremes. One is they have bought into the Hollywood version where satan

possesses a lawn mower, TV, or A/C. Or, they think nothing of a spiritual war going on.

Listen, we are in a real spiritual war, and satan doesn’t want the carburetor of a lawn

mower; he wants your heart. It’s high time we wake up and realize we’re in a spiritual

battle and we’ve got to use spiritual weapons: Prayer and the Word of God. Two of which

Peter neglected. He slept when he should’ve been praying (vss.37-42), and he should have

heeded Jesus’ Word, that the Son of Man must die.


Peter first fought, then fled, now following afar. Why is this? It is half-hearted discipleship

No surrender. What happens when you are not fully surrendered? First, you begin associ-

ating with the wrong crowd-vss.66-70. Then old habits begin to flair up-vs.71. [Illus.]—

Little boy selling a push lawnmower. Baptist preacher come along and wanted to buy it

and asked did it run. "Yes sir", said the boy. The preacher pulled and pulled on the rope

and said, "Son, this thing won’t crank." The boy said, "That’s ‘cause you ‘gotta’ cuss it."

The preacher said, "Son, I’m a Baptist preacher, and I haven’t cussed in 18 years." Boy

said, "Keep pulling; it’ll come back to you." Listen, when you are not in the Word and not

on your knees and not fully surrender to the Lord Jesus it comes back to you. Are you

surrendered? Are you in the Word daily? How’s your prayer life? If these are non-existent

in your life, then you are in this departing crowd. The departing crowd is a carnal crowd.

2. SANHEDRIN DECEIVING vss.53, 55-59 (lost crowd)

Here is where we go into this illegal court, this kangaroo court. Note, it’s made up of High

Priest, elders, and scribes. This is the Sanhedrin-71 members. By the way High Priest is where

we get our English word "hierarchy". You get in front of this bunch and you’re in a mess. This

is a religious bunch but they are religiously lost. This is a conniving bunch. Several facts reveal

the evil of their hearts: (1) They hastily assembled the court at night, which was illegal.

(2) They convened this court during a feast, which was forbidden. (3) They were meeting in

Caiaphas’ palace (home), not in the official court. This, too, was illegal. All cases had to be

tried in court. In fact trials in capital cases could only be held at the Temple and only in public.

(4) They were not suppose to bribe witnesses to commit perjury. (5) They are supposed to be

objective. But you see, this court has an agenda. They have already determined to kill him (see

14:1-2); their only problem was getting evidence that would justify it-vs.55-59 (explain each vs.)

Listen, this deceiving crowd is a lost crowd. Paul said, "..savage wolves will come in among you, not sparing the flock."—Acts 20:29. Lost people sit in church. And all they do is oppose

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