Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: This is the 12th sermon in the series "From The Cradle To The Cross".

Series: ¡§From The Cradle To The Cross¡¨ [#12]


Matthew 14:22-34


„© {Stand at back.}

„© {Have everyone get up and move one pew up or back.}

„© {Begin reading Psalm 23 and have Chris call on cell phone. Stop and talk to him.}

Matthew 14:22-34

Distracted By The Timing

Keyword: Immediately

1. Sometimes things happen that we didn¡¦t or couldn¡¦t plan for.

2. The disciples were to go forward to the other side.

3. We are to move forward. Do you allow the unexpected to ¡§derail¡¨ you?

Distracted By The Circumstances

Keyword: But

1. The disciples had just witnessed a great miracle by Jesus; but all of a sudden they are in a storm.

2. The circumstances around them caused them to not recognize Jesus walking on the water.

3. How often do the circumstances distract you from Jesus?

Distracted By Your Weaknesses

Keyword: Save

1. Peter got out of the boat to do the impossible.

2. Peter was walking on the water until he realized he couldn¡¦t.

3. Are you distracted by what you can¡¦t do? Jesus is always there. Jesus is made stronger in our life when we are weak!


1. Who should be our focus? Jesus!

2. What should be our focus? Leading the lost Jesus and growing stronger in Him!

3. What is distracting you? Just reach out to Jesus, He will lift you up.

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