Summary: Progressive people have the assurance that God will protect them.

January 7, 2007

Jenny Thornton -Have you noticed the moral landslide?

Is lust sweeping over the nations, and nudity, perversion and

filthy speaking?

The world is facing a dirt bath so intense that it is vexing the minds

and souls of some of the most devout Christians alive today.

The Bible says Lot vexed his soul night and day by the things he saw

and heard in Sodom. Media freedom will explain things they show as

’’ a healthy development"... but people are being desensitised to what

is inappropriate or indecent behaviour.. so what was once shocking

and too revealing, some folk now will not "bat an eyelid "over....

Demons, devils and witchcraft will be glorified and promoted.. magazines

and newspapers are very accommodating of fortune-telling, star signs and

Psychics. And half dressed people, plus -on gain, off again marriages and

Divorces will become common place. In magazines and on the screens...

Dress sense will mix between the genders...

It is easy to see that the sin of Sodom will again be repeated in our generation.

2Pe 3:3 Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts

Isa 43:1-7.

The contents of this chapter are much the same with those of the foregoing chapter, looking at the release of the Jews out of their captivity, but looking through that, and beyond that, to the great work of man’s redemption by Jesus Christ, and the grace of the gospel, which through him believers partake of. Here are,

Precious promises made to God’s people in their affliction Isa 43:1-7.

A challenge to idols to vie with the omniscience and omnipotence of God Isa 43:8-13.

Encouragement given to the people of God to hope for their deliverance out of Babylon, from the consideration of what God did for their fathers when he brought them out of Egypt Isa 43:14-21.

A method taken to prepare the people for their deliverance Isa 43:22-28

DO THE $10.00 BILL

We can rest assured, God will be with us through our fears as we step out to do His work.

Divine assurance:

Is needed by progressive people

Is based on a right relationship with God

Produces an enduring faith

1. Divine assurance is needed by progressive people

Isa 43:2 When thou passest through the waters, I will be with thee; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee: when thou walkest through the fire, thou shalt not be burned; neither shall the flame kindle upon thee.

a. JFB - rivers ... not overflow thee--so in passing Jordan, though at its "overflow," when its "swellings" were especially dangerous

b. Manner and Customs – The Jordon is ever-changing, the banks are loose and gravel on the sides, It is in a valley with possibility of water rising. It is dangerous to cross the Jordon at times and this is what this scripture is referring to.

When you go through a hard time – God is there

c. Let’s take a closer look at progressive people –

i. What does progressive mean? Let us take the root word – Progress, meaning - steps forward.

ii. The opposite is regress - lose ground, retreat, backup

iii. What causes us to regress? It is fear - Norris Harris - OUR FEARS FORCE US TO FACE UNSETTLED ISSUES! Fears grab us, phobias grip us, anxieties attack us, apprehension seize us simply because we failed to deal with an issue right from the get-go. Whenever we don’t want to deal with something, we push it to the back waters, put in on the back-burner, relegate it to our subconscious. It upsets our calm, disturbs our psyches, tilts our equilibrium.

Being a progressive people, we can have the assurance of God that the waters of what we are undertaking will not overtake us. It may be shaky ground, it may be unstable footing, we may make mistakes, we may fall down and skin our nose, but ultimately we will not be overcome because God said He is with us.

Isa 43:2 b when thou walkest through the fire, thou shalt not be burned; neither shall the flame kindle upon thee.

d. waters ... fire--a proverbial phrase for the extremest perils, referring to in the case of the three youths cast into the fiery furnace for conscience’ sake

God is with us as we are a progressive people, but it also includes having a right relationship with God.

2. Divine assurance is based on a right relationship with God

Jon MacKinney All of us with children have taught them that when a stranger drives up next to them and says, "Hop in. Let’s go for a ride," we tell them, "Don’t even think about it. Run as fast as you can in the other direction." Why? Because there is no relationship there. It is a stranger. It is not someone who you are in relationship with, therefore there is a lack of trust there and we encourage their disobedience at that point. "Don’t obey him." But, if it’s someone that they know, someone who knows the secret word, perhaps, that we’ve taught our children, then we say, "Sure. Obey them." But, obedience comes from relationship. And when we are in a relationship with God, a trusting, loving relationship, it’s going to show up.

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