Summary: We have nothing to fear when God is on our side

¡§Divine Marching Orders¡¨

Joshua 1:1-9


Sunday Morning Sermon

¡§We have nothing to fear when God is on our side.¡¨

Intro: Start with Blank

Young people can be mean to each other. I wasn¡¦t good at sports in Jr. High or High school. Our small school would get a new coach and all the losers, including myself would try to convince the new guy that we some how belonged on the team. It worked for awhile. I remember getting accepted on the baseball team. I was 3rd string right fielder. ¡V If the other two right fielders before me died, or had broken legs and the coach didn¡¦t want to put the extra pitcher in right field, he called on me. It was tragic going home with a white uniform, no dirt on the legs, and no sweat on the sleeves. It¡¦s hard to get dirt and sweat on your clothes from sitting on the bench. I was there, for every game. Our team was good enough to get to the state playoffs; we were last in the playoffs which means you have to play the first place team. We didn¡¦t have a chance in the world to win that game. We believed we could until coach told us that he was going to shake up the line up ¡V everyone would get to play. I remember this vividly. We were playing the state champs from the last year and they had a pitcher who could throw a mean fastball. I didn¡¦t like fastballs. Our pitchers weren¡¦t very good, the faster the ball the more out of control the ball would go. So instead of going over the plate it would hit your ankles, or your head.

Game day came and we got to the ball park. Coach gave us the roster for the day and kept his promise that everyone would play. Towards the end of the game he called my name. He wanted me to remember that if I catch a ball, I should watch the runner and throw it in. I went to outfield and didn¡¦t have a single ball hit my way. But I was up to bat. I swung with everything I had and hit a grounder. I got on base. My pulse was pounding, my heart was racing, my hands were sweating. All season, I had never gotten on base. Here I was! The first base coach told me if he makes contact with the ball RUN. I watched and contact was made so I ran! I ran HARD. I didn¡¦t stop at 2nd base like I should have; instead I kept going and made it to 3rd base. Our 3rd base was ironically right by the dugout. Again the rule was ¡V if contact is made ¡V RUN!!! So here I am on 3rd base scared to death, the winning run is on first. The batter swung at the first pitch ¡V all the while my mind is racing ¡§if he makes contact ¡V RUN!!¡¨ ¡§If he makes contact ¡V RUN!!¡¨ He made contact ¡V but I shouldn¡¦t have run. We didn¡¦t have any outs! He pops the ball up in the air ¡V an easy play for the catcher. Here I was ¡V running! I looked like a cross between Forest Gump and Mark McGuire. It wasn¡¦t a pretty site at all. All I heard was contact with the ball I didn¡¦t see the catcher throw off his helmet and look for the ball in the air. It was crazy for me to run. It wasn¡¦t the best thing to do.

The Bible tells the story of many great leaders. Our text this morning picks up at a new beginning. Moses had died. That doesn¡¦t mean much to us. It meant everything to the people who were following Moses. We pick up our text this morning and if you would turn with me to Joshua 1:1-9. Read. (Advance)

God makes some promises to the new young leader in a troubled time. The first promise and these aren¡¦t just for Joshua they are for us as well¡KGod tells Joshua. (Advance)

I. You will have victory (1-5) (Advance) „³ Blank

There are no victories at discount prices. General Dwight Eisenhower.

a. God¡¦s assurance ¡V I will be with you.

i. Victory over your enemies

ii. Victory even though you can¡¦t see it (Advance)

We have nothing to fear when God is on our side. (Advance) „³ Blank

iii. Joshua¡¦s Thoughts --

1. I¡¦m not qualified to lead these people

2. I¡¦m not good enough to lead these people

3. I¡¦m not brave enough to lead these people

iv. God¡¦s thoughts ¡V

1. You are right.

2. It¡¦s not my will without me

b. God¡¦s command

i. Get these people ready

1. Ready to cross the Jordan

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