Summary: How God frustrated Hannah by closing her womb until His appointed time for her to birth Samuel for His purposes. God can inspire and use our frustrations to position us for greater use by Him by surrendering to Him what He brings out of us like He used S

Divine Orchestration of Frustration

Key Points:

1. Your frustration may not necessarily be a bad thing

2. Your frustration may not be caused by what you think; it may be Divinely Inspired

3. Your frustration, when divine in nature, can’t be eased by material things or PEOPLE!

4. Your frustration CAN lead you to a deeper faith walk & richer prayer life if you allow it

5. Your frustration MUST complete it’s GESTATION (both before and during the process)

6. Your frustration can cause you to make vows to God, KEEP THEM! (Eccl. 5:4)

7. Your frustration, when yielded to the Lord, will accomplish His purposes and fulfill you!

What’s Got You Frustrated? Is it Divinely Orchestrated? What will you do with it!

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