Summary: A sermon to explain how God attempts to slow us down when He wants to get our attention.

Scripture: 2 Samuel 6:1 – 11

Title: “Divine Speed-Bumps”

Introduction: David and his men were trying to handle the Holy Presence and glory of God with “Human Hands.”

 God will only let you do things your way just so far.

 It appears that David’s caravan “hit a bump” in the road at the threshing floor.

 Who put that “bump” in the road?

 That would be like God!

 God has a way of putting “Speed-Bumps” in the middle of the highway of man’s reasoning.

 They force us to slow down and ask. “Is this the right thing?”


 David’s problems came when he and his troupe tried to continue on as normal past God’s “Speed-Bump.”

 The Lord never intended for His glory to creak along on the back of “Man’s Mechanisms, Vehicles, or Programs.”

 God has always ordained for His glory to be transported by sanctified or set apart holy human vessels who reverence as respect His holiness.


 Abinadab’s sons had spent up to 20 years around the ark.

 To them, it was an ornate but ordinary box or chest.

 They were probably honored when they were chosen to drive the cart carrying the ark, but neither one those young men was PREPARED, and they didn’t know about the “Ancient Warnings” concerning God’s holiness.

 Religion without relationship. – Being involved with religion does not insure salvation! – Uzzah perished right beside the ark!

 You can go to hell sitting on a church pew!



a. When David’s procession came to “God’s Shaking Place” (Speed-Bump) in the road, the oxen stumbled and Uzzah reached out to steady the ark.

 Uzzah’s name literally means “strength, boldness, majesty, security”

b. God’s presence never needs the assistance or guidance of man’s strength to hold its rightful place.

c. Neither will God ever allow the arm of flesh to glory in His presence without “Tasting Death.”

d. Uzzah lost his life because of his honest effort to do something he thought was “Good.”

e. Uzzah didn’t know any better, but “Ignorance is no Excuse” when it come to handling the “Things of God’s Presence.”


a. A “Speed – Bump” is designed to slow you down. – This is exactly what happened in this situation. (The “Greenwood Mall at Bowling Green, Ky. has some of the roughest “Speed – Bumps” I’ve ever driven over!)

b. A “Speed – Bump” is designed to get your Attention – This is exactly what happened when Uzzah fell dead. – Sometimes God uses a:

 “Burning Bush.” – Moses Ex. 3:3

 “A ‘Talking Donkey.’” – Balaam Num. 22:23

 “A Prison Cell” – Paul & Silas Acts 16:25

 “A Firey Furnace” – The Three Hebrews Dan. 3:25 (A fourth man)

c. A “Speed – Bump” is designed to Protect other people – It was better for one to lose his life than for thousands to have the glory of God break out upon them and for them to die.

d. You may not like “Speed – Bumps” but a higher authority than you put them there. – You may not think so, but they are for your own good.

e. Story of the woman who brought her kids to school while I was driving the school bus – She never slowed down, day after day she did the same thing.


a. They were a happy little “church” taking the presence of God to the place where it belonged. – Then they hit a “Holy Bump” in the road at the threshing floor of Nachon, a Hebrew word which ironically means “prepared.”

b. God’s glory “broke out” on the flesh that drew near to it in a living state and Uzzah was instantly killed. – Obviously they were “unprepared.”

c. God’s STANDARDS of “holiness” have not changed. – Only “dead” men can see God’s face, and only repentant dead flesh can touch His glory!

d. God seemed to be saying, “Look, I’ve let you come this far in your own manner; enough is enough. If you really want My presence back in Jerusalem, then you’re going to have to do it MY way.”

e. Moses asked God to see His face and God said, “And he said, Thou canst not see my face: for there shall no man see me, and live.”

f. Let us not forget Adam & Eve, “In the day you eat of this tree you shall die.”

g. Also, let us include the story of “Ananias & Sapphira” – God brought judgment upon them for lying to the Holy Ghost. (Acts 5:1-11)


a. When the “Real” presence of God falls on us we begin to ask ourselves the same questions David must have asked, “Should we be the one to take care of this sacred Presence?”

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Moses Imojara

commented on Apr 18, 2018

* HIGHLY INSPIRING ND CHALLENGING SERMON * Bible reference for the sermon is 2Samuel 6:1-11 not 2Sam 16:1-11

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