Summary: divine restoration

Divinely Restored!

And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten…Joel 2:25

Praise God the time for your restoration has come! Would you in faith shout halleluyah? God is up to something in your life this week. As the lord lives, at the end of this week, you shall have a glorious testimony in Jesus name.

Restoration comes when a review of the past activities is carried out. When God says He will restore, He means He is going into your past to see those waste that have decayed. Good news: god knows about the pains of the past. He saw you while you struggled and at the end of the day could not break even. God knows about those wasted dreams, He knows about those investments that went down the drain…He knows about those relationships that failed after much investments…He saw the places where your hopes were dashed! Now He says, ‘I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten…” Believe it!

The losses of many years can be converted into gain by the Lord in just a moment of time. If you don’t believe me ask from Peter. He has toiled all through the night without a single catch, but when he met with God the restorer, in just a moment he had the kind of catch he had never had in all his fishing life. There is someone reading this bulletin now, the kind of profit you have never made all your life, God is pushing you into it in Jesus name.

The ashes of the past can become the beauty of today and the glory of tomorrow. This is what I prayed for you as I received this message from the Lord. I say it again that God will turn the ashes of your past to beauty and a glory for your tomorrow in Jesus name. I declare to you by the spirit of God that your time of divine restoration is now in Jesus name. There is someone weeping as he is reading through this bulletin now, because of the many disappointments of the past; I have God’s leading to pray for you that henceforth, no more disappointments in Jesus name.

I have just three prayer points for you today; please pray each one seven times and the God of restoration will prove himself faithful in your life. I love you and I always pray for you!


1. Father, visit my past. Whatever should have been gain to me that I lost, convert it now to gain for me in Jesus name.

2. Father, take the ashes of my yesterday, process it and turn it to beauty for me. Let the testimony emanating from it become a glory for my tomorrow in Jesus name.

3. Father, from today, shield my life from the activities of locusts and every form of destroyers in Jesus name.

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