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Summary: builiding hazards and who to avoid them

DIY disasters –

the hazards of building with the wrong equipment

If your lucky you can make a hash of it and the experts will come in.

Reason for failure-

underestimated what’s involved and how much it’s going to cost. Then they invariably get fed up with the lack of progress.. it’s a downward spiral from then on!"

Probably most of you guys have had little or nothing to do with DIY, - that is a later stage in life, but many of you are in the process of building a life for yourself

The decisions you make now, will influence what your life looks like

So it pays to take heed of the DIY disasters

And build wisely

If you stuff up your life, the DIY rescue team may not be able to do a quick patch up job

Don’t underestimate what’s involved and do count the cost.

When it comes to building material for your life there is really only one choice -

Building on Jesus is the best.

But it doesn’t come cheap like good building material it comes at a price

if you want to build on Jesus then there are something’s you need to consider first.

What’s involved

And what’s the cost

being shaped by him - he sets the final shape of the building.

Becoming like him

Taking on his character

Remember though it is work in progress

The end goal is a perfect ivory tower

But in order to get there God works with our imperfections

It is commitment to being shaped to fit in with the corner stone Jesus

Not already being in that shape

Is it an ivory tower, but it’s built with broken stones

being shaped by others - community

You are not some solitary brick

Your part of something much bigger

You have a part to pay in the building of the kingdom

Without you there is a gap that no one else can fill in

You are unique

being rejected by the world-

When Jesus began building – the people of the day did not like what they saw.

His standards were somewhat different

The features he though were important offended those around him

And so he was rejected

Architecture may have advanced, but the problem still remains

To build upon Jesus mean almost certain rejection.

The world doesn’t like the shape the building going to take

The world we live in has a design for your life that is totally different

It has a different set of values – building standards

You can’t have both – you either build on Jesus or build upon the standards of the world

He is either the rock you build your life upon or the rock that we stumble over

The rock that stub your toes

build upon him or reject him

There is no half way

A life built upon Jesus, won’t meet with universal approval

Not everyone is going to turn around and say what a great person you are

Remember the golden rule

Don’t underestimate what is involved and count the cost

Don’t start building until you realize what your into.

Before we can start building we need to want to

We need to get some passion for what were going to build

We don’t do it just because everyone says we should

we need to crave and then we need to be satisfied with Jesus

Don’t build upon him if you ain’t convinced

but if you ain’t convinced about him yet do something about it

I guess it’s about experience

One thing we have always valued is the desire of some people to hang around on the fringes until you are ready to commit.

Don’t jump in straight away

Peter puts it like this – get a taste for Jesus

the idea is that we have tasted Jesus

and found it to be good

something that nothing else in the world can replace

Don’t start building till your satisfied this is what you want

If you start out and realize you don’t like the look of it then it may be too late

Once upon a time I was walking along the way when I tripped and fell over a stone in my way.

After kicking it a few times swearing at it

And trying to avoid it

I came to the conclusion

This stone represented something I wanted to build upon

The stone is Jesus

And one day we will all stumble over him

For some of us we may stub our toes

Some may decide he is worth building a life upon

But when we meet with him there are only really two options

Embrace him or reject him

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