Summary: We must intently dwell in the Lord in order to receive protection and comfort, in both the good times and the bad. Will we choose to seek out Christ in everything we face? (Ref: Psalm 91:1-16)

Do Not Be Afraid

Psalm 91

I. We Must Dwell In God (1-4)

- David is praying while he is on the run

- Shelter is God's provision

- Refuge ... we must seek it out totally

- (v3-4) ... Ask ourselves - Will we be devoted totally to Him?

-- Devoted in Prayer

-- Devoted in Service

II. We Can Show Our Devotion (5-8)

- No fear of the things at night

- No fear of the unknown

- No fear of the arrows of the enemy

- No fear of plagues and disease

- No fear of even the enemy soldiers

- APP: We may see these things,but God's protection is sovereign

-- Even in the face of danger, we will be protected

III. We Must Dwell IN God (9-16)

- We must seek the Lord out totally

-- Seek protection

-- Seek wisdom

-- Seek guidance

- It is God that protects (always has)

- Go to Luke 4:1-12

- In the face of temptation, even Jesus turns to the scripture (11-12)

-- Note, the devil has no authority to give these things to Jesus

- (v14) God's action because WE love Him!

-- He will guard and protect us, if we turn to Him in response

- Response:

- (v15) We must call on Him ... THEN He answers with:

-- Deliverance

-- Sufficiency

- We receive long life (v16) ... which is eternity with Him

- Go to Ecc 3:9-14

-- God seeks men to revere Him because He is so worthy

-- God shows us His salvation because of His love for us

- How will we respond?

- Pray

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