Summary: A sermon given on Remembrance Day (November 11) during a Communion service. We are at the Lord’s Table to remember Jesus and to look forward to his return.

Do this in remembrance of me:

So today is November 11th 2005; and it is good and right that we again remember the men and women who fought in the Great Wars to preserve our freedom. Not all of them went willingly, but many lost their lives as this country joined the battle to push back evil and preserve freedom. Today we remember.

What would we do without reminders? Some of you will know that life without a diary would be very difficult for me! I need something to remind me when to do certain things. In fact there have been some busy weeks when I have wondered if I’d have known that it was Sunday, if my diary had not told me!

Wedding anniversaries help us to remember and celebrate. Special dates during the year help us to remember! For me, 1 August is one of those dates.

On 1 August every year I specifically remember to pray for my Grandmother. Why? I remember to pray for her because 1 August was the date of her Mum’s birthday. It’s a day when she misses her Mum very much, even though she died some 30 years ago.

I guess each one of you have memories connected with certain dates. Some dates help you remember times of great joy. Other dates cause you to remember sadness. However, from time to time we also have future dates which we are looking forward to! It could be a wedding in the family; a special anniversary or birthday either for you or a friend; a card from the Queen, a date to move house, or perhaps a date in the diary to see a friend or share a meal.

Today is Remembrance Day, and very specifically this coming Sunday we will gather in different locations in this village to remember.

(Luke 22: 8 to 13) As Jesus and his disciples (the group of 12 men that he trained) prepared for the Passover they were preparing to remember.

In our Sunday morning worship recently we have been studying the life of Moses. At the tender age of 80 God used Moses to deliver his people from slavery in Egypt. Pharaoh had them in cruel bondage but God was ready to free them; so, when Pharaoh refused to set them free God sent signs and plagues. However, Pharaoh still refused. Finally, God said that the first born son in every family would die, but Moses was to tell every Hebrew family to slaughter a lamb and to take some of the blood and spread it on the frames of their doors. God said (Exodus 12: 13), "The blood will be a sign for you on the houses where you are; and when I see the blood, I will pass over you."

All that God had said came to pass.

The Hebrew people were finally set free; but God asked them to remember the fact that He, God had rescued and delivered them. So 1500 years later Jesus and his disciples were preparing to remember the time when God passed over the Hebrew houses. They were preparing to remember God’s salvation.

How easily we tend to forget important dates. I have heard so many jokes about men forgetting their wives birthdays or wedding anniversaries! Indeed there have been occasions when I have almost been such a man! How easily we forget!

At the end of the Passover meal Jesus said some radical things! Later, after his death and resurrection, the Holy Spirit enabled his disciples to remember Jesus’ words, and to understand the depth of what Jesus meant. That final Passover meal with Jesus was to be remembered, and celebrated.

As we prepare to celebrate the Lord’s Supper, Holy Communion, we remember Jesus:

- We remember Jesus’ words: "This is my body given for you; do this in remembrance of me." (verse 19)

- Jesus and his disciples had slaughtered a lamb for the Passover. We remember that Jesus is the lamb of God

- We remember the shed blood of Jesus

- We do this to remember Jesus, lest we forget

However, we also look forward, just as a child looks forward to the excitement of Christmas Day. With excitement we look forward to the return of Jesus, and we remember his words regarding this meal of remembrance. Jesus said, (Luke 22: 15 to 16) "I have eagerly desired to eat this Passover with you before I suffer. For I tell you, I will not eat it again until it finds fulfilment in the kingdom of God."

So let’s remember Jesus. Let’s look forward to Jesus!

I found these words recently. They are new to me but many of you may recognise them:

’Welcome To the Table’:

This is the feast of heavenly wine

And God invites to sup;

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