Summary: Lord's supper service- how we remember

Lord’s Supper service

3rd quarter – September 2016

“Do this to remember me”

Psalm 66

John 1:7

Matthew 7:12

James 2:14-20

Luke 23:42-43

1 Corinthians 11:23-26

Remembering is an important part of being a human being and it is also an important part of being a follower of Jesus Christ

We sometimes have some usual ways of remembering simple things

Some tie a string around their finger

Others use sticky notes

In this modern age the use of voice recorders and alarms are common

These are for remembering things

We also remember events in many ways

We honor our men and women who have served and are serving in our military on veteran’s and Memorial Day

With parades




We remember the founders of our country on president’s day with a day off from work and more speeches and ceremonies

For our remembrance of our freedom

We celebrate with Fireworks and more cookouts

Time with family


We also remember individuals in our lives who we love and had relationships with

Father’s day comes with tools, sporting goods etc

Mother’s day with flowers, cards and dinners

Valentines with Chocolate hearts and more flowers

We remember

We also remember those in our lives who have passed on

Crosses on the side of the road

Memorials such as a dedicated pew or donation to an organization

Flowers on graves

Pictures on walls

Naming children and grandchildren after a lost loved one

All of these things are differ ways of remembering

Today is our quarterly Lord’s Supper service

Jesus said

Do this to remember me

To remember me

So we must ask

How do we remember Jesus?

I mean really remember Jesus

Scripture shows us all through the Old Testament and The New Testament

How we remember


I would like to point out a few ways that we can remember and honor Jesus

How we can remember his sacrifice

How we can remember his love

How we can remember how he pulled us out of the mad and muck of our old lives

And redeemed us

By his Perfection

Not our own

It is amazing that God the Son would sacrifice his life

But the fact that he gave his life while we were still sinners is beyond our limited human ability to completely understand


Still it is important that we remember

I told you many ways that we remember many thing, events and people

In order to tell you that we need to remember Jesus in many ways as well

Jesus says in 1 Corinthians 11:24-25

Do this to remember me when he is giving instructions on the Lord’s Supper also known as communion

So today

I want to discuss some ways that we truly remember

The first is our


Psalm 66:1-7

Shout joyful praises to God, all the earth!

2 Sing about the glory of his name!

Tell the world how glorious he is.

3 Say to God, “How awesome are your deeds!

Your enemies cringe before your mighty power.

4 Everything on earth will worship you;

they will sing your praises,

shouting your name in glorious songs.” Interlude

5 Come and see what our God has done,

what awesome miracles he performs for people!

6 He made a dry path through the Red Sea,[a]

and his people went across on foot.

There we rejoiced in him.

7 For by his great power he rules forever.

He watches every movement of the nations;

let no rebel rise in defiance.

8 Let the whole world bless our God

and loudly sing his praises.

Skipping down to 16-20

Come and listen, all you who fear God,

and I will tell you what he did for me.

17 For I cried out to him for help,

praising him as I spoke.

18 If I had not confessed the sin in my heart,

the Lord would not have listened.

19 But God did listen!

He paid attention to my prayer.

20 Praise God, who did not ignore my prayer

or withdraw his unfailing love from me.

We remember Jesus with our


When we come with prepared hearts

Repentant hearts

Humble hearts

We honor his sacrifice

When we sing his praises

When we listen to his word and apply it to our lives

We remember


Our worship through song and sermon

Through prayer and fellowship

Allows us to show our thanks

Allows us to express our praise

It allows us to remember the sacrifice

Allows us to remember the love

Unconditional love

Allows us to remember his grace

His mercy

Allows us to encourage our brothers and sisters and be encouraged by them in return

In order to remember

If we truly want to remember we must worship

We must worship

Next we remember by our


Words can speak love

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