Summary: Listening for God’s Voice

I don’t think the people of Laodicea were as deceived as they were living convenient lives. Things were going financially well and in the church, things were going the way they wanted them. They were contented, “Please don’t disturb us?” Jesus was outside knocking, but they had the music of life turned up so high they couldn’t hear him. It is important to remember that these were church folks.

In another scene there was another man who was also a part of the church of the time. His name was Nicodemus. He was one of the high officials of the church and we was fairly wealthy. He had an opportunity to hear and observe Jesus. The knocking began. Yes he had the music of life playing to, but he could still hear the knock. He went to see who was there, and found Jesus there. Jesus told him, Nicodemus, you need to be completely born all over. The life you are now living needs to be replaced with a brand new life from me. Nicodemus opened the door and let him in.

Many years later another man who was part of the church and had a lot of the music of life playing in his ears. His name was Martin Luther. He was so involved in his church that he would punish himself just to get the smile of a very harsh God. Then he heard a knock at his heart’s door. He opened and it was Jesus. He invited Jesus in and through the power of Jesus in his life he brought about the great reformation.

We find three different people here with three different types of lives, but all needed the same person, they needed Jesus . Allow me a few moments to share with you something about them.

I. Laodiceans syndrome:

A. These folks were so loved by God, they weren’t second class people in God’s eyes, they were loved.

1. However, they did not have a fresh relationship with God.

a.As a matter of fact, God said they were cold.

B.I’m sure they had a nice facility, because the scripture says that they thought they were rich and had need of nothing.

1. Jesus said the truth is that you are wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked.

a. Relate the 19 year old Haitian youth that some folks went down on a missions trip and were so impressed with his love for Jesus.

2. There is no mention of what we would term as horrible sins that they were committing, but they were committing the root of all sins, and that is a cold heart toward God.

a. Jesus loved them so much, but in His love, He gave them a very b. Verse 16 So, because you are luke warm - neither hot nor cold - I am about to spit you out of my mouth.

3. But Jesus loves them so much that He is standing there knocking. Should that not be the other way around.

a. If you will just let me in, we will have wonderful communion together.

C. You know, their named sin was simply not being on fire for God.

1. That’s a real serious thing. How is your fire blazing for Jesus today.

a. In a place of so much, could we not learn from the young man from Haiti?

2. St. John 15. I am the true vine and My Father is the gardener. Every branch that in Me that does not bear fruit will be cut off, however every branch that bears fruit will be pruned so that it can bear even more fruit.

a. Name some of the fruits.

3. However, there is that blessed promise, Christ is knocking at your door and wants in, because He says, Remain in Me and I will remain in you because no branch can bear fruit of itself, it must remain in the vine.

a. God loves you and wants to build a fire in your soul, but you must open the door to Him by seeking Him.

II. Then we have Nicodemus.

A. Nicodemus was a good man and he had a good, respected position.

1. If you would give me the liberty, I would like to maybe get the feeling of Nicodemus.

a.I believe that he cherished his position and would not do anything to endanger it for the world

b. That was his faith, his lively hood, his security, his life.

B. When Jesus knocked at Laodicea, they didn’t let him in, but Nicodemus did.

1. How do we know? The Scripture later says that Nicodemus joined with Joseph of Armathia and as an open testimony of their faith they buried the body of Jesus.

a. Tradition tells us that Nicodemus lost all that he had, his prestige, his position, his good income, and his earthly security.

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