Summary: The fifth in a series through the book of Malachi.

Do We Serve a Fair God?

Malachi 2:17 – 3:6

I. The People Question the Justice of God (2:17)

A. Their arguments wearied God

1. They had argued with God concerning worship

2. They had argued with God concerning sacrifice

3. They had argued with God concerning personal relationships

4. They had argued with God concerning marriage

B. Their arguments questioned God’s character

“For you are not a God who takes pleasure in wickedness, nor shall evil dwell with You.” – Psalm 5:4

1. They attacked the holiness of God

2. They attacked the delights of God

3. They attacked the longsuffering of God

“…where is the God of justice?” – v. 17

II. God Announces His Coming Justice (3:1)

A. He declared there would be a time of preparation

1. Fulfilled in John the Baptist

2. Fulfilled in a call to repentance

B. He declared the arrival of the Justifier

1. They were given the One they sought

2. Justice began at the house of God

“…and the Lord whom you seek, will suddenly come to His temple.” – v. 1

C. He declared the surety of His coming

“…behold He is coming says the Lord of hosts.” – v. 1

III. God Announces the Intentions of His Justice (3:2-5)

A. He declared that believers will be judged (v. 2-4)

1. Our judgment will be an intense judgment

2 Key Questions

- Who can endure?

- Who can stand?

2. Our judgment will be a purifying judgment (I Cor. 3:12-15)

3. Our judgment will be a purposeful judgment

B. He declared that the unbelieving will be judged (v. 5)

1. His judgment against unbelief will be swift

2. His judgment of unbelief will include God’s house

3. His judgment against unbelief will be for a reason

“…because they do not fear Me.” – v. 5

IV. God Reminds Us of the His Grace and Longsuffering (v. 6)

A. His grace comes out of His unchanging character

B. His grace came at a price

C. His grace will cover our deserved justice

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