Summary: Our ministry is essential to the growth of the kingdom. It is like a small mustard seed that grows and influences everything

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“Do you have a mustard seed or yeast? – Luke 13:10-21

Gladstone Baptist Church – 25/2/07 am

S1 - Sometimes we feel that when we minister to others it won’t make much of a difference for his kingdom. – OOPS

I’ve got a quick quiz for you this morning … And I’ve got some prizes for the correct answers.

- What is the world’s biggest mountain? (Mt. Everest)

- What type of tree is the tallest? (Redwood)

- Who is the world’s richest man? (Bill Gates)

- What is the longest chapter of the Bible? (Psalm 119)

Well you have done very well at the quiz so far but it is not quite over.

- What is the world’s smallest mountain range? (Sutter Buttes in California)

- What type a tree is the shortest? (Dwarf Willow 5cm when full grown)

- Who is the world’s poorest man? (Jed Matthews owes 22.4 million and has no assets due to bad investments in an Internet company)

- What is the shortest chapter of the Bible? (Psalm 117 with only 2 verses)

Isn’t it amazing that with our combined wisdom, we knew the answers to the largest questions, but not the smallest. That is a bit of a commentary on life isn’t it. It is the big, flashy, fancy things that catch our eye, not the small, insignificant or normal things. We remember the big achievements, but give very little consideration to the small things that are done. Big is best is what the world’s motto is.

Do you ever feel as if what you do for God is not significant and could never make a difference for him? Last week we inducted all our ministry leaders. And I know that there were some people who were reticent to stand up because they felt that what they did really didn’t count. Not compared to what others were doing and the impact they were having. Their contribution to God’s work is something. But yours is - well nothing out of the ordinary. It is not noteworthy and definitely wouldn’t amount to much. Is this you this morning? Just plain Jane doing what comes naturally.

S2 - Sometimes that is reinforced by other’s opinions of us (Hudson Taylor’s experience vs Jesus experience) vs 10-14 - UGH

Sometimes this can be reinforced to us by others.

William Carey is seen as the father of modern missions. He was born in 1761 in the remote village of Paulerspury, Nothamptonshire, England. His parents were plain people and so was young William. At the age of seven William developed a skin disease that was aggravated by exposure to sunlight and so to keep him out of the sunlight, he became an apprentice shoemaker when he was 14 years of age. He gave his life to God and felt called to become a Baptist pastor. However, He was never considered a good speaker. He was slight of build, prematurely bald, and crude in his speech. His first year at Olney was so unimpressive that the church refused to ordain him. One hearer commented about his sermon as, "weak and crude as anything ever called a sermon."

Carey often said of himself that his one great strength was that he was a "plodder". He may not have had the greatest skills but he had extraordinary tenacity. So, the young preacher persevered and was finally ordained.

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