Summary: He can’t bless you unless He has you. There’s no bargaining with Him.

Title: Do You Have An Eye For God?

Theme: Christian character

Text: Matthew 6:22-23

Idioms Every language has them

Words that are translated straight over lose their meaning.

Same is true for Kone Greek

Read text


Two types of eyes in this text good and bad

Good = 20/20? or something else?

haplous = Jas 1:5 Rom 12:8 2Cor 9:13

= generous

If generous then “full of light” one greek word a condition, composed of light, of bright character, well lit

Illus. “Give me oil in my lamp” oil is the feeding on the Word & things of God

“This little light of mine” testimony for God for evangelization

Light Eph 5:8 fruit of light = goodness, righteousness, truth

Then generosity = this fruit Would you like to be known for “ ?

Bad = greek poneros = evil OT Septuagint 250 BC Deut 15:9 KJV “thine eye be evil”

Prov 23:6-7 KJV “eat not the bread of him who has an evil eye”

Prov 28:22 KJV “he who hastens to get rich has an evil eye”

Matt 6:13 (nominative case) “evil one” stingy & selfish

If stingy then “full of darkness” one greek work absence of light

Gen 1:2 darkness prevailed before creation of light

Illus. Hold of a ship / men can’t handle it

Matt 8:12 darkness relates to Hell

Luke 22:53 Satan

John 1:5 men w/o God

John 3:19 ignorance of God

2Cor 6:14 contrasted to light

2Pet 2:17 degrees of intensity

Jude 13 “ for scoffers

1 John 1:5 absence of darkness part of God’s character/ who He is

Read text with new meanings

Test it

I. Does it make sense?

a. It feels good to give & be generous. The joy is in the giving!

b. Is there anything bright about someone who is stingy? Always a furrowed brow concerned about the safety or maintenance of their treasure!

II. Does it change the function? Is contrast okay?

a. generous vs. stingy

III. Does it fit the context? Illus. Location, location, location for realtors.

Before (vs 19-21) treasure on earth / treasure in heaven

corruption / no corruption

steal / do not steal

Heart follows treasure! Feelings follow action.

“Full of light” follows generosity!

“Full of darkness” follows stingyness.

After (vs 24) hate one / love the other

devoted to one / despise the other

God / Money (Mammon) Capitalized = grk god of materialism or material things

Look back at vs 19-20 store up things of God / or materialism that world offers

All the same context.

Who is blessed?

He who is generous.

He whose body is full of light.

He whose life is bright.

Mothers are often the epitome of this. Phil 2:3-4 Do nothing out of stingyness..

not just consider but

more so than self

vs 5 ff gives our example who stored up teasures in heaven

Be generous, not stingy, and you will have a character quality that will brighten your life.

This is also a remedy for depression.

He can’t bless you unless He has you.

There’s no bargaining with Him.

Do you have an eye for God?

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