Summary: When the heart is divided, you won’t know who you really are

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Pastor Allan Kircher

Shell Point Baptist Church Feb. 25,2013

The Undivided Heart – Psalm 86:11

“Give me an undivided heart, that I may fear your name”Ps. 86:11.


• The NASB says, "Unite my heart to fear your name."

• CEB, "Make my heart focused only on honoring your name.”

I like that because it sounds like the way I often pray: “Put me together, Lord, because right now my life is scattered in a thousand directions.”

• Most days my heart doesn’t seem “undivided,”

• it needs some kind of “uniting."

Because our hearts/often divided, we need/Lord/unite it somehow so we worship him/nothing held back.

That is the situation many of us face right now.

Our hearts/fragmented because we/pulled/many directions/once.

In order to get some practical help in this area, let’s start with a

very basic question.

What are the marks of a divided heart?

1. Perpetual Ambivalence

It has been said that a narcissist is a person who is unable to commit to anything outside of himself.

He flies from one relationship to another

• one job to another

• one friendship to another

• one church to another

• one promise to another

• never staying in one place long enough to make anything stick.

He’s here today and gone tomorrow.

• He promises and then makes excuses.

• “I’ll call you tomorrow, “then forgets and apologizes later.

• Or maybe he never remembers at all.

He’s here today and gone tomorrow.


Pondered/situation, a verse came to mind from 1 Chronicles 12,

• Lists the soldiers/came/David’s aid when/Ziklag/Hebron.

• Soldiers/various tribes/Israel

They realized/David was not king over Israel yet

• God’s hand/upon him/he/bound/replace Saul sooner/later.

• List of men/Benjamin/Gad, Manasseh, and so on.

Perhaps/most famous/men/Issachar 1 Chronicles 12:32 who “understood the times and knew what Israel should do.”


Next verse we find/note about the warriors/tribe of Zebulon.

They are described as

• Experienced soldiers prepared for battle

• every type of weapon/help David

• undivided loyalty-50,000 (v. 33).

A great host of trained soldiers who came to David ready to fight.

• They showed up in full battle gear

• shield and spears and bows

• Ready to go to battle at a moment’s notice.

• But that is not their finest quality.

• Something even better to be said about them.

• They were men of “undivided loyalty.”

Original Hebrew text emphasizes/unusual way when it uses the word for “not” and the word “heart” repeated twice.

• Not heart and heart.

• Not “double-hearted.

• Not partly for Saul and partly for David.

• But having made their choice

• It was one heart all the time, nothing held back.

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