Summary: An expository look at the cry of Psalm 85.

Do You Hear the Revival Cry?

Psalm 85

Aaron Householder, 8/31/05

1. The life we can have (1-3)

a. Physical well-being (1).

b. Spiritual well-being (2).

c. Psychological well-being (3).

2. The requests we can make (4-7)

a. Restore us to a right relationship with you, God (4).

b. Revive us, giving us life in you again, God (6).

c. Show us your love, God (7a).

d. Grant us your salvation, God (7b).

3. The God we can call upon (10-13)

a. God is Loving (10a).

b. God is Faithful (10a).

c. God is Righteous (10b).

d. God is Peaceful (10b).

4. The action we must take (8-9)

a. We must listen / hear.

b. That means to obey / do!

c. The results are peace, salvation, & glory.

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