Summary: Paul knew Christ because of his experince on the Road to Damascus (Acts 9). But he also wanted to know him more. Do we rally know Him?

Do You Know Him?

Text: Philippians 3:7-11

How far have you gone in your relationship with God? The devil would like for us to believe that we

can do nothing spiritually and yet, prosper spiritually. It is dangerous to believe that we know as

much about God as we will ever know and that we are as close to God as we will ever be. It is

dangerous to fail to seek spiritual guidance, renewal, growth, and revelation from the scriptures. In

addition, it would be ridiculous to think that God is not calling each one of us to a deeper, more personal relationship with Himself.

In his sermon, Chosen to Change the Atmosphere, T.D. Jakes addresses the overconfident attitude

of many concerning their relationship with God. He states that, “Perhaps the greatest deception that

satan has released on this generation is a false sense of security and contentment. He goes on to say.

“The problem with this generation is that we have decided that we know God. We do not know God.

We know church. We know protocol. We know Greek. We know Hebrew. And we know each other.

But…we do not know God. I wonder do you know Him?

The point is, that there is such depth to the character of God and such depth to an experience with

God, that to think we have gone far enough in our relationship with the Lord is a great error in judgment.

The apostle Paul, a man who surely had a genuine experience with God, expresses his great desire

to further his knowledge of his Lord and Savior when he says in our text, “That I may know Him. “It

was his desire to have a full and complete relationship with Jesus Christ.

In particular, there are three (3) dimensions of this relationship that Paul wanted to explore.

Do You Know Him?

Philippians 3:10 …that I may know Him and the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of

His sufferings.

How far have you gone in your relationship with Jesus?

3 Dimensions of knowing Him in Philippians 3:10

1. The Personal Dimension (vs:10a)

That I may know Him.

Know – recognize, identify, be familiar with

a. Personal Relationship – you must be introduced

He is my Savior I Timothy 4:10

He is my Shepherd John 10:14 (I know His voice)

He is my Supplier Philippians 4:19

b. Person Experience

When I am weak He is strong

When I fall He lifts me

When I fail He forgives me

When I am lost he’s the way

When I’m afraid God is my courage

When I stumble He steadies me

When I hurt He heals me

When I am broken He mends me

When I am blind He leads me

When I am hungry He feeds me

When I face trials God is with me

When I am persecuted He shields me

When I face loss He provides for me

2. The Powerful Dimension (vs:10b)

That I may know…the power of His resurrection

John 11:25 I am The Resurrection and The Life

We must know God in His Omnipotency

God is strength and power

God is mighty

God is sovereign

God is a consuming fire

God is awesome

He is the King of all kings

Jeremiah 32:17 There is nothing too difficult for God in His Power

No promise too hard for the Lord to keep

No prayer too hard for God to answer

No problem too hard for Him to solve

No person too hard for God to save


Heal the sick

Restore the sight

Deliver from demon’s

Wake the lame to walk

The dumb to speak

3. The Painful Dimension (vs:10c)

That I may know …The fellowship of His sufferings

Not His sufferings on the cross

He learned OBEDIENCE by the things He suffered

He was bruised and brought healing

He was pierced and eased pain

He was persecuted and brought freedom

They mocked Him - He didn’t open His mouth

They spat on Him - He forgave them

They beat Him - He didn’t retaliate

Pain - Make you bitter or better

Pain of divorce

Pain of finances

Pain of past

Pain of drugs

Pain of children

Pain of health

Pain of abuse

Pain of rejection

You should know The Lord as your Savior

Who liberates from sin

You should know The Lord as the Shepherd

Who leads the sheep

You should know The Lord as the Supplier

Who loves his servants

You should know The Lord as the Sovereign One

Who lifts suffering


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