Summary: The Realness of hell.

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Tonight’s subject that I’m gonna speak to you

About Is one that I think all of us here believe in But nobody likes to hear about!!!

And preachers don’t like to preach on it either!!!

There was a national poll conducted several Years ago - I think it was USA Today Said that 67% of American adults said they believe in a place called hell, But less than 25% think they will go there!

But 25% believe that their friends will go there!!!

But FRANKLY folks if Hell ain’t real then what are we doing here in church tonight!!

If there ain’t no hell then we are all going to heaven then we might as well close up all the churches and just go on home and wait till we

Die and go home to be with Jesus!!!!


I think that your probably gonna be offended by tonight’s sermon!

Do you think Hell is Real?

I’m not gonna try to preach TONIGHT to tickle your ears. I’m gonna preach the word of God and nothing but the whole truth!!

I’m not preachin to get asked to come back again, If I gotta sugar coat the word of God

To get you to listen then

Just let me know now before I get wound up On Jesus!!!!!

Cause I ain’t sugar coatin God’s Word

For you or anyone else!!!!!!

There was a new chaplain who reported to his new duty station and some of the men came to see him and asked him if he believed in a place called hell!!

When he said NO I don’t, they asked him to resign right away.

When he asked them why, they said “If there’s no hell then we don’t need you !

And if there is a place called Hell then we don’t want to be mis-led

I think this was a point well made don’t you??

Whether you believe in hell or not

I can assure you that the devil believes in hell

And one time an old revival preacher said

You not believing in hell don’t lower the temperature not one little bit!!!

I know that none of us like to hear about hell and we don’t like to think about the reality

And many times we hear people say,

I don’t believe that a good god would send anyone to this place called hell!!!

But have you ever heard anyone say

How could a good judge sentence a mass murderer to death in the electric chair or

Death by a lethal injection??

We don’t say that because the judge isn’t responsible for the mans actions

The murderer is!!!


Behold therefore the goodness and severity

of God!!

LUKE 16:19 - 31

This parable that Jesus spoke here in our reading tonight tells us how its naturally divided into three parts:

#1-The comparison before death

#2-The comparison after death

#3-And the Correction of what most of us

Believe about this place called hell!!!


Their worm shall not die

Neither shall their fire be quenched;

People Hell isn’t just eternal torment but the final and non reversible choice that people make instead of choosing God!!!


For every one shall be salted with fire!!!

Our reading tells us tonight about the rich man who was dressed in purple and fine linen and lived in luxury everyday

Dressing in purple and fine linens was the first century people’s way that you’d see today in The most expensive designer clothing and apparel And silk sheets and living in fine homes and driving fancy cars.

But there wasn’t anything in his life here on this earth that indicated the terrible future that was awaiting him!!!

Listen to what happened before death!!

Then in Vs 20 of our reading the other person comes into the story

His name is Lazarus

A beggar covered with sores and was sick and wasn’t dressed in fine clothing.

And he was longing to just be able to eat

Some scraps or he’d eat whatever fell from the rich man’s table!

Even the dogs came and licked his sores

And don’t even think that this was your neighbor’s poodle or Tasha’s little mini Pom

These were wild dogs that were scavengers for food!!

And not only was it un-healthy for these dogs to lick his sores but it was a disgrace to Jew’s as dogs were considered un-clean animals

This rich man could have easily assisted Lazarus, but he didn’t pay any attention to him at all and he just continued to enjoy his rich life and stay where he was comfortable and HE NO DOUBT FELT VERY SECURE, in his big home,

Not having any idea about what was gonna happen in his life after this one!!!

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