Summary: It is this man’s Faiththat compelled Jesus to follow. Notice that as soon as Jairus spoke infaith, Jesus was attracted by that faith and went with him.



This is a challenging and exciting text to preach. There are actually two separate INCIDENCES in these versus that can actually stand alone. However; more often than not, the two ENCOUNTERS are ordinarily combined in a teaching and or preaching effort. My focus will be upon the initial contact with Jesus and briefly touch upon the INTERRUPTION encountered along the way. I am feeling we need to give some attention to the importance of an Interruption in our spiritual walk.

In our text we are quickly introduced to a man by the name of JAIRUS. He was a religious leader who had many religious responsibilities among his people. Jairus - a ruler of the synagogue, a holy man, ONE THAT BELIEVED IN GOD.

• This was a man acquainted with problems such as his own

• There were many from his synagogue over the years that he had tried to comfort when they had lost loved ones

• Many in the synagogue over the years called upon Pastor Jairus to visit them at the hospital after some sickness – accident – tragedy

• He had made many home visits over the years to welcome new members as well as share in their grief process

We find this WELL RESPECTED Religious Leader now faced with what may become a REAL TRAGEDY that has taken up Residence in his own home. The Bible calls to our attention that HIS DAUGHTER lay sick in bed.

• He had the best HMO

• Primary Care Physician had already made their diagnosis

• They had tried everything they knew to do

• The doctors had finally said, “It’s no use she’s dying”

• There is nothing else we can do

• Any parent that has ever had a child sick knows what the Emotional toll it plays

• He may have questioned God, or even blamed God for his misfortune

• A feeling of anger mixed with self-pity

I can feel the ANGUISH of this Father. I can only imagine the many Mixed Emotions he must have been WRESTLING with.

• Wanting to scream and holler but not knowing who to scream and holler at

• A feeling of helplessness and yet a great desire to do something but not knowing what to do

• Even begin to think – God I have been serving you best I know how and now this….

In the anguish of this Religious Leader, he now remembers this young Rabbi he has heard so much about. The Rabbi has been turning the Pharisees and Scribes viewpoint on Religion upside down. He remembers hearing about this young Rabbi that has been teaching in the local Synagogues and drawing Huge Crowds. Matter of fact, the whole city had just attended one of his teaching sessions. He remembers having heard of this man that had the POWER TO HEAL.

• He had healed a man with a withered hand

• And of course there was a tale about an insane man that lived among the tombs, they said this Rabbi Jesus healed him

• He heard the story about a wedding where this Rabbi turned Water into Wine

• Whether he is a true prophet or whether he is a charlatan Jairus didn’t know

• All he knew was that his daughter was sick and he needed help

I am not sure how Jairus knew how to find Jesus on this particular day in the midst of his Tremendous Need. Jesus just DISEMBARKS from a ship having crossed over the sea. Great crowds were already there – text says – MUCH PEOPLE GATHERED UNTO HIM – it is obvious that Jesus is at the HEIGHT OF HIS POPULARITY. Jesus was still on the banks of the sea. Word had begun to spread quickly that Jesus had returned. Perhaps many had been there waiting by the banks of the sea, waiting for the return of the Son of God.

• Text makes it appear as though Jairus came upon Jesus Suddenly

• Stumbled across Jesus

• He had no time to think about what he was going to ask or how to put it into words

• He fell at the feet of Jesus and began to plead

• My little girl is sick and close to death

• Come with me to my home

• Lay your hands on her and I know she will be healed

• Not maybe or Perhaps

• Not let’s se what happens – I Know

I am sure, this father had probably rehearsed in his mind what he was going to say, to be poised and very politely ask if Jesus would come. But all of our DIGNITY goes out the window when we come face to face with Jesus. There is no way to be dignified with tears streaming down our face and we are on our knees begging for help.

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