Summary: Do we really care enough about the lost to do something about it?

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I. The Packed Service - vs. 1-2

A. The Stir

B. The Sermon

II. The Paralyzed Sinner - vs. 3

A. His Doubts - I will go, but I am not sure this Jesus can help me

B. His Discouragement - 1 Corinthians 15:19

III. The Persistent Servants - vs. 3-6

A. Their Determination

B. Their Dedication - Four men working together

1. Mr. Conviction - Obedient - Psalm 126:6

2. Mr. Compassion - Psalm 32:1

3. Mr. Consecrated - Prov 16:7

4. Mr. Cooperation - Unity - Psalm 133:1

IV. The Passive Scoffers - vs. 7-8

A. Their Laziness

B. Their Lack of faith

V. The Powerful Savior - vs. 8 - 11

A. Jesus Knows Our Hearts

B. Jesus Still Forgives - Acts 26:18

C. Jesus Still can make a man or woman walk right! - Isa 1:18-19

CONCL. - vs. 12

1. There was a change in the Man's Life

2. God Glorified

3. "We never saw it on this fashion" People will come if things are not ordinary

Are you the witness you ought to be? Are you Paralyzed today by your sin?

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