Summary: Does God Love, Love Making? You cannot turn on secular television without seeing an ongoing solicitation that is sexual in nature. In most cases these are most likely a perversion of the sex that God approves of for man. But does He love, love making.

We are in a series entitled does God really Love These Things and we have answered the question. Does God Love Laughter. God wants us to a full and abundant life full of hope, peace, and joy. Included in all of that is laughter. The Bible very clearly states that there is a time for laughter. I believe there is a place for laughter and a place where laughter would be inappropriate. We also said it depends many times on what you are laughing at. It is amazing to realize the millions of dollars we spend each year paying people to make us laugh. It would be hard to be a Christian and not express the fullness of God without laughter. So yes, God loves laughter.

Secondly we talked about lost people. Does God Love Lost People and certainly John 3:16 says He does. We also know that while we were still sinners (lost people) Christ died for us. The question isn’t so much does God love lost people, because we know He does, The question is, Do you love lost people? I believe God would want us to.

Today we are going to talk about Love Making. "Does God love, Love Making." God created us sexual beings so that in itself ought to tell us something. I do kow this, God hates it when we choose to be bad! One thing I learned as a young father is that "I never had to teach my children, how to be bad." I believe it is the sinful nature of all of us to be bad. God hates sin and when we choose to be bad (sin) God hates it. Let me say a word about our culture and how the tide has turned in a bad way toward sexual sin.

1. Sex outside of marriage...

2. Laws that protect pornographers...

3. Abortion On Demand...

4. A Cry for Homosexual Rights...

The highways of life are wide and easy leading to sexual sin. It is not easy traveling the narrow road of sexual purity. The highways are not named but if they were the wide road could easily be called ’Disobedience’ and the narrow one ’Obedience’. Which road does God say we should travel?

Flee from all sexual immorality...1 Corinthians 6:18

Be imitators of God therefore as dearly loved children and live a life of love... Ephesians 5:1-3

Saying all of this, I am sure God loves, love making.

1. He invented it and commanded it. Genesis 1:28....

2. Paul Gave some commands concerning it. 1 Corinthians 7

A. It is good to remain single 1 Cor. 7:1

B. It is also good to marry. 1 Cor. 7:2

1. Monogamous not polygamous 7:2

2. There is exclusiveness here 7:2

3. There is mutual satisfaction 7:3

4. Love is given not exchanged or taken 7:4-5

C. In Love Making, Make allowances Ephesians 4:2

3. Summary, Does God Love, Love Making?

A. Yes in the context of His Word

B. Yes, He created Us sexual beings.

C. Yes, God created us intimate beings

D. Yes, God promotes intimate right relationships. Yes, His way is for us to model this for the next generation.

How’s your love making?

Get it right in your vertical relationship with God!

Get it right from the context of God’s Word!

Get it right with your spouse.

Keep it right with the one you love (married or unmarried)

Is your love life falling apart? Maybe you should commit to having a Godly ’love’ relationship. You choose the road...’disobedience’ or ’obedience’.

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