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The history of mankind generally illustrates that there are 3 things that bring unnecessary misfortunes on mankind. They are Ingratitude in Good Fortune, Impatience in Other Kinds of Fortune and Discontent with Destiny. Definition of 1st: Failing to count one's blessings and thank God for his goodness. Definition of 2nd: Yielding to temptation to use injustice to escape or avoid predicaments. Definition of 3rd: Neglect of important duties / responsibilities AND/OR Yielding to temptation to use injustice to obtain one's heart's desire. The Bible does not say those things in exactly those words, but it illustrates them in paraphrases and by disastrous history stories of human selfishness and disobedience towards God.

ANCIENT CHINESE PHILOSOPHER MENCIUS said: Although nothing happens that is not due to destiny one should only accept wilfully what is one's proper destiny. I say: A face mask is not the mark of the beast. A philosophical attitude to wearing a mask is the proper attitude for everyone. Etymologically philosophy means Love of Wisdom. The benefit of wearing a mask in most social situations now massively outweighs any benefit of not wearing one. A person who for ideological self-centeredness refuses to wear a mask to protect others from covid 19 is just a 21st century model of Cain the unrighteous son of Adam who declared to God something to the effect of, I am not my brother's keeper.

There are 4 cardinal virtues which all others hang upon. They are Rational Judgement, Justice, Courage and Self Control. The supreme one of these is Rational Judgement, sometimes called Prudence, because it is by this that we value all things at their true and proper worth. Some relevant maxims concerning the use of masks : Never sacrifice the important for the unimportant. Courage is a virtue only so far as it is directed by prudence. Courage without fortune destroys a man. He who leaves certainty for uncertainty makes a lottery of his life. What is the boundary of courage ? Answer, If the intent were rightly accomplished as planned in acts involving risks.

It seems that among American Christians there were serpent handling heros who are dead after being bitten by serpents which they did not have to handle. It makes no sense to dally with covid 19 in a similar way. Are you as sinless as Jesus that you can walk on water ? Simon Peter wasn't. Are you as sinless as Shadrach and his companions that you would not burn in fire ? Are you as sinless as Daniel that you would not be torn by lions ? Perhaps you are. Perhaps you aren't. Before the move to Babylon ancient Israel and Judah had 41 kings. 3 were righteous, 1 was unaccounted for, 7 were partly righteous and 30 were unrighteous. And even the best of them made mistakes.

Galatians 5 tells us that the fruit of the Spirit include love and peace. I mention them here so that I can upload this message.

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