Summary: Examines question asked of Jesus - "Don't you care about us?"

Mark 4:35-41

What kind of questions do you think you might ask Jesus?

In today’s message, we will look at the question, “Jesus, don’t you even care?”

Maybe you are, or you have been in a position where you wanted to ask that question.

I. The Background (vv. 35-38a)

1. Traveling WITH Jesus is a must. So often we try to go it alone and then when trouble comes, we are in a greater mess.

Traveling with Jesus means following His lead. His direction for our life.

His Destination – where are you going with Jesus? He never, ever told us it wouldn’t be dangerous.

Are you going to get in the boat, or sit on the shore?

2. Remember others are affected by what we do. “…Other little boats were with Him.” These folks were also affected by the storm.

Apparently this storm was unexpected. That always adds to the anxiety doesn’t it.

No time to prepare, no time to brace ourselves.

3. The storm came – but the Master wasn’t worried.

** Ill – the pilots in Venezuela landing at Cumana.

4. Notice WHEN they woke Jesus up. When things were most dire. NOT when the storm started, not when they just started to be concerned.

5. Accuse Jesus of not caring about them.

II. The ANSWER (vv. 39-41)

Jesus didn’t say anything to them at first. He heard their cries and “rebuked” the storm.

Then He spoke to the disciples in much the same way. His words were words of rebuke.

Why so harsh? For crying out loud, they were in a storm!

The reason can be found in Chapter 3.


The Mustard Seed – just a little faith!

The Light Under the Bushel – others are watching

Then the one that kind of covered the whole situation the Sower.

Fear vs. FAITH

Q - when does fear become a sin?

A – When it overrides our faith (Why are you SO fearful?)


They marveled in themselves .

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