Summary: During His first visit, the people of Decapolis desired Jesus to depart from them. When He returned, they were glad to see Him, and desired healing. They declared: He has done all things well. No doubt our Lord does all things well.

Doing all Things Well

Mark 7: 31-37

In our text today we find Jesus on a journey, making His way from the Gentile cities of Tyre and Sidon to the Sea of Galilee. He had taken a route that brought Him through the region of Decapolis on the east side of Galilee. This is the same region where Jesus healed the maniac who dwelt among the tombs.

As we follow His steps that day, we no longer find a people who don’t want Him among them, but rather those who are thankful He has returned. Aren’t you glad Jesus came by your way more than once? As He made His way through Decapolis, the people began to gather around Him. I can imagine the noise that must’ve filled the air. He’s back! The One who touched the maniac is back! Bring those who need a touch unto Him!

It is in this setting that our text unfolds. Jesus touches a man who is deaf and unable to speak. Today would be much different than the previous visit. On this day rather than desiring Jesus to leave, the people make a profound statement: He hath done all things well! Many don’t believe, but those who have experienced His touch declare that Jesus has done all things well. Let’s look at the details of this miraculous encounter as we consider: Doing all Things Well.

I. The Turmoil of the Man (32) – This one verse reveals much about the man who came to Jesus that day. There is a picture of all of us in this man.

A. A Life of Dependence (32a) – And they bring unto him one that was deaf, and had an impediment in his speech. We find those who knew the man brought him to Jesus. He may have been able to see the commotion, but he had no idea what was going on. This man was in a position where he depended on others for his needs.

That is the way that each of us were. I had spent time in church, watching others worship, but I had no idea what I needed. I was blind to the things of God and could not understand what I needed in life.

There are those around us today, who do not fully understand what they need. They may know something is missing, but they are unable to find it for themselves. There are lost people, maybe even some of our children, who are depending on others to point them to Jesus. We all know someone who’s lacking, but can’t seem to get there themselves. What will you do to get them to Jesus? He alone is what they need! Somebody needs to point them to the Savior so they too can be saved.

B. A Life of Despair (32a) – This man was deaf; he could not hear. He also had a speech impediment; he was unable to speak. Can you imagine the despair he felt? He was unable to hear what was going on around him. He found it difficult to communicate. No doubt his life was filled with days of loneliness and despair. I’m sure he longed to be able to hear and communicate. He longed to live life without the burden of his condition.

I remember when I had that same longing in my heart. I saw others whose lives were filled with joy. They had been born again and were able to communicate with the Lord. As I looked at the life they lived, I longed to have that in my life as well. I longed for the day to be released from the burden of sin. I longed for the day that joy would fill my heart.

There are those today, maybe in this place right now, which are living a life of despair. They long to be freed from the burden of sin. They long for the day that peace will come into their hearts and be able to hear from God and talk with Him. The grip of sin weighs heavy upon the soul. A life lived apart from the Lord is always a life of despair.

C. A Life of Distinction (32b) – and they beseech him to put his hand upon him. Those who knew the man brought him to Jesus, hoping the Lord would touch him. He may have lived a life of despair, unable to communicate, but he was loved of those who knew him. This man may have lived with a disability, but he was blessed because he was loved.

They beseeched the Lord to touch him. This has the idea of “calling to one’s side, a summons for help, to beg or entreat.” They knew Jesus could touch and heal. He had already healed the demonic among the tombs. If Jesus could do that, He could help this poor man.

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