Summary: There is no fear when you do God’s will

I Peter 3:13-17

September 10, 2008

Pastor John L. Harper

“Doing God’s Will With No Regrets”


I. NO FEAR (vs. 13-14)

A. We should not fear when

1. We are eager to do good

2. We suffer for what is right

B. When we suffer for what is right we

1. Are blessed

2. Need not fear what others fear

II. NO SHAME (vs. 15-16)

A. We should have a heart

1. That is set apart for Christ as Lord

2. That is full of hope

B. We should be prepared to

1. Give an answer to the question

2. Give a reason for the hope we have

3. Give the answer to the question

a. gently

b. respectfully

III. NO EXCUSE (vs. 17)

A. We should keep a clear conscience

1. So that those who speak against you

a. with malice

b. with no reason

2. May be ashamed of their slander

B. We should be willing

1. to do God’s will

2. to suffer for doing good

3. To avoid suffering for doing evil

CONCLUSION: There is no fear when you are doing good, and that brings no shame on the name of Jesus. When you are not living in fear, and have no shame about how you share Jesus with others, then there is no excuse for not doing God’s will.

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