Summary: What is expected of us when it comes to carrying burdens? What do we have to carry for ourselves and what should we help others with?

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TEXT: Galatians 6:1-10



1 Brothers, if someone is caught in a sin, you who are spiritual should restore him gently. But watch yourself, or you also may be tempted.

2 Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.

3 If anyone thinks he is something when he is nothing, he deceives himself.

A. “BROTHERS” (v.1)

1. This is the 8th time in Galatians that Paul uses the word “Brothers.”

2. This final chapter begins and ends with the word “brothers.”

3. They may have gotten out of step (5:25), but they’re still trusting in the cross, they are still saved, and they are still brothers.


1. There is some controversy as to what this phrase means.

2. Some say this refers to being caught by the sin.

3. Others say this refers to being caught by the church.

4. Rather than secretly gloating when a brother is “caught” in a sin, mature Christians will rush to his aid.

5. To me, it only makes sense if it refers to being caught in the act by someone from the church.

6. Does this mean it’s OK as long as you don’t get caught? NO!

7. The Bible teaches in verse 7 that you will reap a harvest for your sin whether the church knows or not.

8. How else can “you who are spiritual” restore him, though if you don’t know about his sin?

9. Sin = Gk. Paraptoma = to fall to the side or to stumble

10. The picture is of one’s foot falling off the path and on to forbidden territory.


1. I know how some of you “SPIRITUAL” folks are.

2. You worked so hard to become “spiritual” that you don’t want anyone else to reach your lofty place of spirituality.

3. You don’t want anybody else to be as “spiritual” as you are.

4. So, you don’t really want to restore anybody.

5. You’d rather just condemn somebody that you’ve just caught in the act.

6. You might prefer to beat them with a 2x4, but God says you have to restore them.

7. Come on now, I know how some of you are…

8. When people proudly consider themselves to be “spiritual” they generally are far from it.

9. If you’re truly “spiritual” you will have the fruit of the Spirit.

10. If you’re truly “spiritual” you will try to restore rather than simply condemn.

11. Paul refers to the “spiritual” –vs- “fleshly” in 1Cor. 2:15-3:4.

12. The fleshly is a baby Christian concerned with status and self.

13. The “spiritual” has the mind of Christ and a servant’s heart.

14. Restore = Gk. Katartizo = restore, mend a net, set a broken leg

15. ILLUSTRATION – The Restored Preacher

Dr. J. Vernon McGee used to tell the story of a preacher who was an alcoholic before he got saved. The preacher’s ministry became more than he thought he could handle one day, and he got drunk. He was so ashamed the next day that he called his board members into his office and he resigned. When they questioned him as to his reasons, he was honest and straightforward with them. He simply told them that he had gotten drunk the night before. It was obvious that he was repentant and ashamed of his sin. One of those board members did something that was unexpected. He came and put his arm around that preacher. Then he said, “Let’s all pray.” After praying, they refused to accept his resignation. Instead, they restored him. There are some people who would have put him out of the ministry, but those deacons put that preacher back on his feet, and God marvelously used him after that.

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